Book Deprived Readathon!




So I found this awesome readathon that I thought would be really interesting to join in! Hosted by Kat @ Treestandbookreviews who is awesome and you should totally checkout! Anyways the basics is its a readathon that takes place over 3 MONTHS! 

Book Deprived Readathon was created to help her get a lot of reading done this summer now that school is out! Since I’m also a student and I just got done with the year and it totally affected my reading I thought in would be really fun to try to see how much reading I could get done while on break from school! However with school being out I’m going to be working more hours at work.  I’ve always been really motivated to read more and more when I’m participating in a readathon so I’m really excited to get some major reading in.

The readathon takes place Monday May 14th @ 12:00am until Saturday August 19th @ 11:59pm. so at this time the readathon has already started and the first week is over. So after this post check out my week ! update here.

My goal for this readathon is 45 books! that is about 15 books a month not including the ones I already read ( for the month ) before the readathon. Each week I will review my progress and decide my next week TBR.


Week 1

Until next Time


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