Book Deprived Week 1 Update!


Hey Guy it is Sunday night and the first day of week two so it’s time for my first week progress post.

So for the first week I started and finished a total of …. 4 books!

So for the first week of Book Deprived I read  4 books that all all contained diverse characters!two of the books I read were Own Voices The Hate U Give and A Time to Dance and that makes me very happy

I really enjoyed all four books and will be posting reviews on my blog for all 4 in the near future!

My favorite of the week was no surprise The Hate U Give! 

My total page count for the week was 1,205 pages!

4/45 books completed

It’s really interesting to see how much  read this week. I never look at my reading weekly only monthly so its really interesting to see.

As for next week my TBR for next week are:

I totally had no idea that the next 3 books I was planing to read were all red! LOL but I’m very excited to get to all 3!

Until next time


3 thoughts on “Book Deprived Week 1 Update!

    • It totally did! It felt so really and as a mixed girl it felt so much like my own experiences. I’ve been trying to write a review for it but it’s been hard to put all my thought down!

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