My Classics TBR

Classics intimidate me!

That’s why this year I decided to challenge to read 12 classics this year. So far prior to creating this blog I have read 6 classics that means I am 1 book ahead!

Now that I’ve finally started making a hole in the gigantic pile of unread classics that have been slowly suffocating me. I’m even more driven to read more and more classics. So here’s some of the classics that I am really excited to get my hands on

These  books are all books that I have started in the past and was so intimidated or otherwise to busy to finish at the time. Out of the 3 Moby Dick is the one I am most excited to get back to (I’m that strange person who likes the long drawn out boat scenes)!

This collection of classics are all books I wished I had read when I was younger. These were all classics that I can say I’ve heard a thousand things about and have seen T.V. adaptions and was always curious to see what the original book was like.

This collection of books are all ones that are consistently recommended to me and I really want to read them!

So here’s some of the classics I’m really looking forward too. Maybe now that I wrote it down I’ll actually get to them! This is only a small collection of classics that I want to read but they are at the top of my list.

Are you a fan of classics? What are your favorites?



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