Weekly Wrap up #1

 Hey this week I decided to change it up a little but instead of calling it a book deprived weekly wrap up this post will be a little bit more expanded. This is because I think doing weekly updates is something  I’m going to want to do even after the readathon and the ability to talk about other things without feeling like it doesn’t belong in this post.

First up is is last weeks reading stats!

I managed to read …. 4 books

Total pages ended up being 872 pgs.
which was a lot less than I typically read in a week but I didn’t have a lot of reading time and I ended up just reading some short books this week.
This week halfway through was also the first week for #emojiathon which I of coursed decided to be over ambitous and try to read a book for each challenge.

Challenge stats 

Book Deprived Readathon  12/40 books
#Emojiathon 3/25 books

Another awesome thing this week that started was the Get Social Blogger Event. Which I talked more about here. I’m really excited to get the chance to visit so many new blogs and make some new blogging friends.

how was your reading week?


17 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap up #1

  1. Your such a fast reader!! ❤ I manage to read hardly 1 or 2 in a week cause my life is so hectic atm! Exams and stuff! 😦
    Haniya Qamar


  2. Wow, you’ve got a lot of challenges going on. I’m curious as to what #emojiathon is. I’ll have to look it up. #GetSocial17


    • I’m very challenged orientated lol. They motivate me to read more espically when life is hectic. I love checking out readathon on Twitter it’s so much fun to be able to talk to people about reading in real time!


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