Mini Bloggiesta Sign Up Post

The Mini Bloggiesta is back again! I haven’t been blogging long enough to of participate in this event before but I’m really excited to be able to participate this time around. The Bloggiesta event is basically a time to focus on working on your blog. This round takes place this weekend the 17 and 18th. To find out more about the Bloggiesta event you can check out the information original post here.

Here’s what I am hoping to accomplish:

  1. set up my Review Archive I set it up by author title!
  2. Create a header for my blog  I made my first ever header! 
  3. work on my about page  I tried writing something here but I don’t love it :c
  4. write up some reviews I wrote up mini reviews for #getgraphic 
  5. schedule posts ahead I wrote all of the posts for the next week! 
  6. Write up my Classics club TBR TBR is selected now I just have to format a post!

I’m stopping here because that’s a lot to do and I’m really excited to get working on my blog. I will mostly add to this list as I go and get in the groove but for now I’m going to leave it as it is


11 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta Sign Up Post

  1. Great idea! I could really use this if I wasn’t working so many shifts this weekend. I wish you much luck in completing your goals! #GetSocial17


  2. Great on your first header!! It looks nice.

    Nice list of things to do.

    All good things to work on, but things that are difficult to get to. I am sure you will get them all done.

    Have fun.

    Silver’s Reviews


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