Weekly Wrap Up – June 18th


Ok so this week was a struggle. Besides the 40 hours of work this week (the usual). Trouble happened at my Grandma’s house. My grandma has an enclosed front porch where she stores mostly holiday things so she doesn’t have to use the attic to get her decorations. Anyways for years now the porch has been pulling away from the house at the top. WE had it reinforced and was told that would be fine for a few years and that’s holding up fine. However when she went on her porch this week she noticed it is starting to slant to the side. So we go exploring the porch to see what the problem is to find a 8-inch gap where the floor is disconnecting from the rest of the porch and the porch is threatening to collapse. So I’ve been spending my ” free time” this week moving all of my grandma’s stuff on the porch to various places like the attic, garage, and basement. To most that may not seem like a huge deal but you’ve never seen my grandmother’s porch! My grandma is what you call a EXTREME decorator! Have you seen that show where people decorate there house like crazy on Christmas? Well my grandma does that for EVERY major holiday!

Okay, Okay now that I’ve got that off of my chest let’s talk about reading this week I managed to do pretty ok. I participated in the #getgraphic readathon hosted by KittyG and ElenaReadsBooks two of my favorite booktubers! Which is basically a one day readathon where yo read graphic works you’ve been meaning to read. I love graphic novels so I really have fun with this readathon. So participating in this readathon for sure boosted my stats this week.

What I read This Week

Weekly Stats
Total Books: 11
Pages: 2,323!

Challenge Stats

Book Deprived Readathon  27/40 books
#Emojiathon 9/25 books

What I Posted This Week

Review of In Order to Live

Who Am I Tag

Diversity Spotlight # 4

Freebie Friday [2]

Mini Bloggiesta Sign Up Post

Next Week…

On The Blog

I already have 2 post scheduled for the week my tag Tuesday and diversity spotlight on Thursay. I plan to also post a review and a wrap p for the #getgraphic readathon with mini-reviews for the books I managed to read. Also Freebie Friday #3


This week I am also linking up with the Sunday Post for the first time!

How’d your reading week go? I would love to know

Happy Reading

12 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – June 18th

  1. Sounds like me. LOL I used to have tons of decorations for all of the holidays. Each year I go through it and get rid of more. I think I moved into a smaller house just because I didn’t have as much room for all the stuff! I spy a lot of new authors and books. Thanks for sharing:)
    My Sunday Post


  2. Sorry to hear about your Grandma’s porch. Sounds like a ton of work you had to do! You got a ton of reading in though, so that was good! I’m looking forward to your posts this week. I like the cover on As I Ascended.
    Here’s my Sunday Post 🙂


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