#GetGraphic Wrap-up!

Hello, last Saturday I participated in the Get Graphic Readathon hosted by KittyG and Elena Reads Books over on Youtube. This readathon is one of my favorites to join in! I love graphic novels but I don’t often read a lot of them all at once so I really like getting the chance to focus on them for a whole day. To find out more about the readathon here’s the announcement post .

I read a total of 8 Graphic works!
I decided to do some mini reviews for all of the books down below!

 Henshin was my least favorite of the books I read! This a collection of shorts most are not connected but some end up being connected. I honestly didn’t feel connected to any of the stories and thought most were just plain odd. The art wasn’t very interesting either.


 I participated in the last #getgraphic readathon and in that readathon I started 2 series and thought it would be really interesting to continue on with those series in the 2nd readathon. This being the first of the 2 series. I really enjoyed the first book in this series! I liked this book but my favorite characters from the last book were barely in this one and that really made me sad. However the plot was getting really interesting and my favorite characters rejoined the other group at the end so that shouldn’t be a huge issue in the later volumes. This book series really reminds me of the Heroes T.v. Show. I’m really excited to continue with this series


 This one is a graphic memoir following the authors life. Herself and her family are immigrants ad that part of this story was interesting but I feel like the author censored and left out big chunks of the stories. I’m sure she did leave out information to protect her parents feeling but I think it really took a lot from the story. Through out the whole book she mentions  she was really angry with her parents but it is never mentioned why. What ever it was must of been embarrassing or upsetting because it was never mentioned. I wasn’t a fan of this one.


 This was the other series I started during the last readathon. The 2nd book felt like it was more of a transition book to get to the last arc they are trying to get to in the last volume of this series(this series only as 3 volumes). I did like how much was accomplished in this book though its really interesting seeing how the characters are changing from one book to the next. I’m really interested to see how this book series ends!


 This was a total whim to pick up! I honestly didn’t like this one. It went by really quick and the concept was interesting but I didn’t like the execution. None of the characters we followed was interesting to follow and I didn’t really care about them or their motivations. However when i was reading this all I could think bout is how great of a T.v. show this would be.


 This was really cute! I used to read a lot more romances than I do now and I really missed them. However there wasn’t any action or drama in this book all of the results happened without any sort of drama. This is a series but I honestly I don’t feel like the rest of the books are necessary and I’m going to end the series here.  Also was a scene where Lee felt a little pressured to move faster than she wanted to and it made me uncomfortable :/


 I picked this up because the cover reminded me of X-men. I liked this it felt like a setup for the rest of the series which I am really excited about.  I really liked seeing the good and the bad of all the characters and the way the main character left the first volume really makes it sound like the next volume is going to be awesome


 This was my favorite book I read for the readathon. It follows Rory who is suppose to die a hero’s death today. WE follow him through his last day and find out why he was a hero. My favorite part was the brother of Rory and his relationship with him. I really liked the way this story unraveled and I really can’t wait to find and read  another boo by this author.



Overall it was a really good reading day! I wish I would of had the whole day to relax and read all day but I had a lot to do that day. This is one of my favorite readathons and  I can’t wait to be able to participate in it again next round!

Do you read graphic works? What’s your favorite?



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