Reading Stack 7/2/17

Reading Stack.jpg

Hi Guys welcome to my new feature! I love planning TBRs but I suck at following through. I read books mostly from the library so planning to far in the future doesn’t work for me. So I decided to do stacks of books that I have on hand to read. I also happen to be a mood reader most of the time so I’m hoping a immediate TBR is better than a longer month TBR for me.

So here’s my first stack

At the time of this post I’ve actually gotten a few books read off of this stack and I’m really excited for the books I have out from the library right now.  Out of this photo I’ve read the top 3 books out this pile.

I’m really happy with this change in my TBR  and I’m really interested in how this will work out for me instead of a month long TBR.

How do you organize your TBR?




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