War and Peace Newbie Tag

Hey Guys,

I decided to join in the War and Peace readalong hosted over at Laura @ Reading in Bed  what better way to mark my commitment to read the tome than to do this awesome tag she has created. I’ve never attempted to read War and Peace before but what better time to read it than during the summer. Also having a group to talk about it will be really awesome when I get furiously confused. Anyways, I’m really excited to give this book a go. I you want to participate in this awesome Readalong here’s a link to all of the info!

Without further ado, The Tag!

  1. Have you read (or attempted) War and Peace?

No! I have always been very intimidated  by this book. I’ve always though reading it with someone would be less intimidating.

  1. What edition and translation are you reading?

I’m reading mostly on my kindle the version I have is translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude. I might check out a copy from the library however so I have a print copy to read from as well!

  1. How much do you know about War and Peace (plot, characters, etc)?

Nothing other than its a classic and I should probably read it! I’ve never seen any adaptions but I’m looking forward to watching one after I finish the book.

  1. How are you preparing (watching adaptations, background reading, etc.)?

I’m going to look for resources online to help me keep track of characters and also probably things like study guides for the book. I love double checking that I got “everything” from a chapter. Also I believe there is a book about giving War & Peace a chance so I might try to read that as well

  1. What do you hope to get out of reading War and Peace?

The satisfied feeling of finishing a classic that intimidates me! Also being able to have my own opinion on the book is really awesome. I never watch adaptions of book before reading the book so I’ll also finally be able to watch the adaptions too!

  1. What are you intimidated by?

The names I hear can be really confusing and I’m assuming since the book is so big that it will drag at some point. I’m also hoping the writing isn’t to intimidating.

  1. Do you think it’s okay to skip the “war” parts?

No way! totally cheating. You can’t count the book as read if you only read half of the book!

Have you ever read War and Peace? Any advice( i’m going to need)?  What’s your favorite War and Piece adaption?

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