Weekly Wrap up 7/23


Ok I’m kinda blown away by the fact that another week has gone by. I haven’t been reading very much the last few weeks and that is reall sad. When I looked back I hadn’t thought I had read anything this week but I’ve actually started and finished 1 book! This week was really busy for me. My youngest sister, Khloe turned 4 years old and was gifted a kitten ad my mother’s birthday was today. So I spent a lot of time with family this week instead of reading and blogging.

What I read!

Also of course I continued my read of War and Peace and finished book #3 for about 130 pages.

Weekly Stats
Books Read: 1
Pages: 476

What I Posted this Week

Top Ten Mangas, Comics, and Graphic Novels I want to read!

The Classic Club Challenge- 75 books in 5 years!

Next Week….

I completely forgot I hadn’t pre planned any posts for the week last week and did almost nothing for the blog, Next week I;m hoping to be better at posting and also on commenting on blogs this week.

Currently Reading


How’d your reading week go? I would love to know!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap up 7/23

  1. My reading week has gone terribly. I was on a reading binge for several months but now I’ve fallen into a reading slump and can’t be bothered to read a thing. I’m still in the middle of a book that I should have been finished with ages ago!


    • I feel yeah earlier this year I was doing amazing. July is my busiest month. Which is super weird seeing as how i don’t have school on top I everything else. I’m hoping sense there are readathon going on it will kick this slumpy feeling goodbye.


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