Book Scavenger Hunt

Hey! I love Peter Loves Books and when I saw him post this video I knew I had to participate in this awesome challenge. Here’s the link to Peter’s video and if you haven’t checked him out yet over on Booktube you should totally check him out. I thought this would be a really interesting challenge. So I went to my local library and gave it a go. I was really in the mood to read YA so I decided to challenge myself and stay in the YA section instead of browsing the whole library but I really want to try this in different sections of the library or as the library as a whole.

*You May Not Ask For Help!
*You May have fun and take as long as you want!
*The prize is the book you end up with at the end!

1. Find your favorite book.

I decide to pick one of my favorite authors books for this challenge.


2. Find another author who has either the first or last name in their name of the author in #1. Pick any book by that author. 

Luckily Taylor is a pretty common last name so this one wasn’t that bad. 😛


3. Open that book and go to page 74 . On the 3rd line down, pick out two words and find another book with those two words in the title. 

I spent forever on this challenge! It was so hard to do this one! I probably spent way to much time trying to find a book for this but I finally did and I was so happy to be done with this step 😛 My words I used was THE and TRUTH

20170729_122600  20170729_123030

4. Once you have found that book, find another book with a similar context. 

I got from the synopsis as a romance/ contemporary so I picked a book I’ve read with a romance story line


5. Upon finding that book, find a diverse book with a similar title.

I immediately thought of this book sense I’ve read it this year! It features a character who is blind and non-traditional love interest.


6. Pick a name of one of the main characters from that book and find another book that has that name in the title.

I totally lucked out on this challenge the main character’s name is Will and felt super lucky to have such a great name!


7. Open that book to any page and pick a word without looking. That is your word. 

I opened my book at random and picked out the word …. Your. okay I think the scavenger hunt gods made this way to easy on me after spending forever on #3. I decide to look at the recent books added to my libraries YA collection and come across this book that I am super excited to read.


This was such a great challenge and is totally fun and I might have to make my own challenges in the future and do this again. I ended up having a lot of fun.


 Have you ever done a bookish scavenger hunt? 








4 thoughts on “Book Scavenger Hunt

  1. This is awesome! I had SO much fun watching Peter (and Lala) do this one that I actually did it at my library as well, but for some reason I never ended up posting mine. I ended up with The Wrong Side of Right, which I NEVER would’ve picked up for myself, but I totally loved it. Did you enjoy your chosen book?


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