The Liebster Award!


Hey Peeps today I am sharing my very first Award!

I was nominated for this by Vrinda @ A Bookish Human The Liebster Award is for bloggers with 200 or fewer followers. It’s an online recognition given to new bloggers as a token of appreciation for their blogs and posts.

The rules:

-Thank the person who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
-Nominate 11 blogs.
-Give them 11 questions to answer.

1)Your favourite fictional character of all time, just one ! (I know you’ll write more than one, but I like to be satan at times)?

Hmm so I decided to pick just one (your killing me here) I’m going with Matilda. She was the first bookish character I ever read and she has always stuck with me.

2)A talent you wish you had ?!

Uhm talent hmh. I think I would love to sing on key! LOL I love music so this would be really fun!

3)Genres you don’t like ?

I don’t like to say I don’t like a genre but the ones I am usually hit or miss in are horror, mystery, and historical fiction. Most of the time in these genres I’m underwhelmed but they are my least read genres.

4)Your favourite cuisine ?

Italian! I love pasta and pizza! I could live off of it for the rest of my life!

5)What type of posts do you enjoy writing the most ?

My favorite to write are my memes specifically Diversity Spotlight Thursday. I love sharing diverse books and finding them to share!

6)Your biggest blogging struggle ?

Actually having time to write up posts! I love the act of blogging but I am both a full time student and work full time so finding time to blog can be really difficult!

7)If you had a pen name, what would it be ?

My blog is actually under my pen name from school. My school loved sharing students projects and assignments so they assigned pen names to protect the students. Mine was Arya D.

8)Your favorite TV shows ?

My favorite shows are Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Leverage, and Charmed

9)The most creative thing you’ve ever done ?

I like to make models of things. Currently I am try to figure out the scale I want to make Hogwarts! My favorite thing I’ve made so far is the Weeping Willow from Harry Potter.

10)Your hobbies apart from reading and/or writing ?

Besides what I mentioned above I really like to make puzzles, craft, and draw!

11)A description of your ideal day.

My ideal day would start with being able to sleep in late. Then I would be able to have a cup of coffee and sit own and read for a while with out being interrupted. Then of course just being able to relax and partake in whatever other hobby is interesting me for that day(they usually get pushed to the side). It would conclude with a family dinner and hangout with my mom, sisters, and my grandma before heading to bed! I’m a simple girl and that sounds absolutely amazing!

The questions

  1. If you could only read from one genre for a whole year what genre woukd you pick?
  2. What literary world would you want to live in during the “struggle” of the book/series
  3. If you weren’t blogging about books but still had a blog what would you be blogging about?
  4. What is your ideal reading preferences; quiet/loud, snack/drink etc?
  5. What is your favorite book to movie adaption? Was it better than the book?
  6. What is your dream career?
  7. What are your top T.v. shows?
  8. If you could learn any language other than the language(s) you speack what would you chose?
  9. What i s your least favorite genre(s)?
  10. What is your top bookish pet peeve?
  11. Have you ever read the last page/chapter of a book first?

Tag 11 people. I tag/nominate :
Note: I went by WordPress followers and didn’t check follow stats in other forms!

  1. Avery @ Just Another Lost Student
  2. Preethi @ The Lone Reader
  3. Mel @ The Book Moo
  4. Ellyn @ allonsythornraxx
  5. Kawther @ The Villain Library
  6. Min @ Min and Her Books
  7. Charlotte @ Engrossed in a Good Book
  8. Emma @ EmmaBookBlogger
  9. Vrinda @ A Bookish Human
  10. Tatiana @An AfroBoricua Reads
  11. Avery @ The Book Deviant

5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!

  1. I can’t believe it didn’t notify me of this! Thank you ❤ I will do mine soon. I love the questions!


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