Blog Ahead October is here!

I’ve been thinking about participating in this blogging event for a really long time. I think it would be great to participate in because as you can see on my blog I haven’t been the best blogger lately. I love posting but some times ( a lot lately) life gets in the way. So having a little bit of a cushion and posts could really help my blog game.

Lately whenever I post a blog post I have just written it and that has made it hard to participate in this community the way I would love to. So the goal of Blog Ahead October is to write and plan ahead 30 posts that will go up after October. However since I don’t want my blog to be empty for the month of October I am also going to be posting through out the month I’m shooting for 2-3 posts a week. So I’m going to be hopefully working ahead as much as possible.

The Rules

Increase the number of blog posts you have pre-scheduled by 30 during the event.

On Oct 1 check your completed post total. Add 30.

Ex. Oct 1– 2 scheduled posts
Oct 31– 32 scheduled posts
Only post that will go live after Nov 1 and are completed count towards the challenge.

So my official goal is to plan ahead 30 posts since my completed posts is a big fat zero. I’m update my progress here though out the month!

0/30 posts completed


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