2018 Goals and challenges

It’s my favorite time of the year! I love that end between time of completing last years goals and the time before the new years challenges start. Last year was a really relaxed year for me. I really wanted to see how I felt not having many challenges besides my Goodreads challenge and….. I totally missed having all of the challenges. So in 2018 I am so excited to say that I am participating in quite a few.


  • Goodreads Challenge– I’m setting my goal this year at 250 books. In 2017 I managed 210 books. So i’m challenging myself to read even more next year.
  • Interact with the blogging community- I really want to interact with more people by leaving comments and joining in on conversations. I’m horrible shy in real life and it to shows in my blogging too. This is going to be a tough one for me but will totally be worth it!
  • Blog Hop more- I love discovering more blogs to follow but I’m horrible at actually looking for more blogs to follow.
  • Dewey Reading Challenge- I’ve always wanted to do a long term challenge about nonfiction books mainly because I don;t feel I read enough of them. I love browsing threw the nonfiction floor at my library but I tend to get overwhelmed and leave without picking up any books. SO when I found Katie’s Blog Doing Dewey I was really inspired to give in a go as well. I’ll have a blog post coming up soon talking more in depth about it soon.
  • Blog more frequently- In 2017 this blog was consistently thrown on the back burner when other things were happening in my life and I don;t want that to happen in the new year. I really love this blog and have a lot of fun running it so making it a priority in 2018 is really important to me.


The 365 Commenting Challenge at Read Write Love 28 – This isn’t a reading challenge but one I think i should for sure join in. I really felt I neglected leaving comments in 2017 so maybe this will give a me a kick in the butt to comment and discover new blogs in 2018

The Nonfiction Reading Challenge at Doing Dewey– Nonfiction is a genre that I always mean to read more of so setting a goal for the year I think will be really helpful I’m going to shot for a total of 25 nonfiction books in 2018

Beat the Backlist 2018 at Novel Knight – Towards the end of this year I realized I have a problem buying books. Most of this is Kindle books (freebies) but my physical books are getting a little out of hand too. I mostly read library books so actually reading my own books will be a great change my goal is going to be 25 books! My team is Novel Knights! and I am so excited to participate in the new year!

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge at Celebrity Readers – I am notorious for not finishing book series. I start tons of series but usually don’t make it to the 3rd book in the series and I really want that to change. My goal is to finish 5 series in 2018


10 thoughts on “2018 Goals and challenges

  1. We have lots of challenges in common this year! I also want to interact more with other bloggers and so I’ve joined the commenting challenge. I’m doing my own nonfiction challenge, of course, and I’m also excited to be reading for the Book Bards in the backlist challenge. Should be a fun year 🙂


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