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My journay to discovering myself: The Intro

I’ve been wanting to talk about different things on my blog besides books since I decided to start one. Reading hasn’t been something I have been focusing on lately mainly because I have been obsessed with the Ancestry website! Ancestry had a really great deal not that long back on both the membership to there website and on their DNA test kits. So my mother and I decided to purchase memberships and get our DNA tested.

We signed up for a 6-month membership and it has been so long that I actually have already gotten my DNA results back but the focus of this post is just an introductory post on what I initially thought.

I won’t be going into horrible detailed information here so I’m sorry for the vagueness but I do want to protect my info and my family as well.

Growing up I was really close with my mom and her mother’s side of the family. I grew up leaving with my mom and her parents so we were really close. I knew a lot about my grandma’s family since we lived really close to them and spent almost every weekend up at my great grandmother’s house growing up.

So here’s what I know my mom is the only living child of my grandparents. She had a full brother that passed at his birth. Before she was born my grandma had 4 sons with different men. My grandmother was born to my grandparents in 1938. She was the 3rd youngest out of 7. Her parents have been rumored to be cousins, first cousins, to be exact. However, they never told us any of this it has always been hearsay. My great-grandmother never talked about her life before marriage. However, she did let slip that she grew up in Peoria when my sister had to get surgery up there. My great-grandfather passed before I was born so I don’t know a lot about his history but I do know he was a steelworker and he helped build the local bridges in my area and grew up in the general area.

As for my mother’s father he was born in Missouri and migrated to our current state from there and I know the names of both of his parents and siblings. When I was in High School my mom and I actually traced back my grandfather’s family back to the first immigrant to America following his surname. So I am focusing more on the women’s’ line if possible this time around.

My dad’s side of the family is going to be harder. I don’t talk to my dad so I don’t really have a lot of information. I know my grandmother is alive and lives a town over from me and my grandfather passed the year I was born of a brain aneurysm. I have a copy of his obituary in my baby book so I will try to look at that information to see what I can find out. Unfourtanly I don’t have a relationship with anyone on my dad’s side so I really don’t have any idea what I will find out.

DNA test time!

So I’m biracial. My mom is white and my father is black so I know that I’m going to have Europian and African DNA but I don’t know the makeup. Growing up I was told on my grandfather’s (maternal) side there was a lot of Native American, Swedish, and British. On my grandmother’s side, we were told Native American and European Jews.

My father always said he was black or Creole and Native American and I know his parents were from the south one from Louisiana and the other from Tennessee so I’m thinking Carribean but I honestly don’t have any clue what to expect from his side of the family.

I have heard that Ancestry has a hard time determining Native American DNA so I’m curious to see if anything shows up. I do know family who have been tested and no Native American DNA was found however the same family member was testing through a different service and the DNA was present.

Have you ever taken a DNA test? Any interesting finds?

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