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My Journey to Discovering Myself: The DNA is In!

I actually can’t believe it took me so long to write up and create this post. Honestly, I just wasn’t sure how to present the information. This was one of the most exciting things for me to do. I’m very close to my mom and her side but not in contact with my dad’s side at all. My last post I kind of talked about what I was expecting in my results you can check out my predictions here.
The first thing I noticed when I got my results was that none of my DNA was a big section. All of my results are less than 20% which was really interesting. My mom did her DNA at the same time as me and her results had larger % than me but I honestly wasn’t surprised by that since I’m Biracial and she is not.
On to the results! The results were broken up into higher probability and lower probability. There was also a range scale on each meaning the percent could differ? I honestly was confused about that.
Europe West







Iberian Peninsula






Great Britain


Low Confidence Regions

Europe South
Ivory Coast/Ghana
Africa Southeastern Bantu
Europe East
Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers
Finland/Northwest Russia
European Jewish
Ok woah, look at that! It looks like my DNA is centered around Europe and Africa which wasn’t too shocking since my mom is white and my father is black. however, I was surprised not to see Native American but I posted in my intro that Ancestry has a bad rap on “finding” native heritage. One of the things that really surprised me with my results was the Europian Jewish. I was always told about Jewish heritage it also didn’t show up at all on my mom’s DNA. My mom’s DNA was more centered around the UK her largest percent was 35% Great Britain so I was kind of surprised I don’t have a large

percentage. I’m hoping to do a project with this information in the future. However, I haven’t figured out what I want to do as of yet. I was thinking of doing a reading challenge where I read books about or from those areas with some contents like facts or trying a recipe from the area. Which  I would then document on my blog of course.

What about you have you ever taken a DNA? Planning to?

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