Newts Readathon Week 2/ August 6th to August 12th


  • Last week I mentioned my Youtube watch later and how I’m trying to get that down. I continued that journey this week and not surprisingly my watch later got much longer. I watched a lot of videos in the last week but so many amazing videos were posted in the last week that the number seems to never go down. I’m currently sitting at 499 videos. I mean at least I’m under 500 this week. My goal for next week is to stay under 500.
  • I’m writing this post really late because my work week was really stressful and long. I worked 3 days of really long shifts and barely did anything but work and sleep on those days.
  • I’m currently working on some blog posts(motivation has struck again) I’ve very excited to have some more content back up other than my weekly wrap-up hopefully soon.

On to the Newts….

I’m keeping track of my progress by using @DEJ’s TBR Books report card for Slytherin! If you haven’t checked them out they are gorgeous and have really helped me keep track of where I am on my Newts

NEWTS Report Card week 2

I finished one more class for my NEWTS! I read a total of 7 new books since my last update meaning I am about 2 books behind where I would like to be and honestly, it is Tuesday and I haven’t read anything since this weekend so I’m even further behind but at least I’m making progress. I do plan to read some more tonight and I’m hoping to get at least one book finished tonight. Anywho on to what I did manage to read


(o) Read a mythology book- Asgard Stories

Care of Magic Creatures

(A) Animal on the cover- Guardians of the Taiga

(E) Book under 160 pages- Depression & Other Magic Tricks


Muggle Studies

(A) By a favorite author- Goldie Vance vol. 3


(A) Book with a green cover- Paperweight

(E) Book with Illustrations- Goldiee Vance vol. 4


History of Magic

(A) Book that fits in the Hogwarts Library- Wicked Plants

And that’s a wrap for week 2 of the #Newtsreadathon2018 progress is moving along. How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Newts Readathon Week 2/ August 6th to August 12th

  1. Wow, there are some beautiful covers here! And congrats on your progress 😀 I’ve slowed down a little in the last few days but I just finished another NEWT book yesterday.

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