Blog Ahead October 2018

I am so excited to see that Blog Ahead is back again for October! This month I have been spending a lot of time working on my blog behind the scenes. I’m trying to learn a lot more and set up my blog in a way that works for me. ITs a long process and I still have no clue what I am doing but its getting better and this little space is becoming a place that I’m really proud to call my own. However, I haven’t been posting very much as I try to figure all of this out. I think I have only really focused on Top Ten Tuesday and that is pretty much it and that makes me really sad. I love making content and I’m really far behind where I would like to be.

 So I’m so excited to say that one of my favorite events is back and I am joining in!

What is it?

-One month to complete an extra 30 blog posts
–Take the number of posts you have complete on October 1 and add 30 to that number. THAT is the total posts you’re aiming for by November 1
–All finished posts must go live after November 1
The Goal is 30 posts but progress is always awesome no matter where you end up

My Goals

  1. Catch up on backlogged reviews for reading challenges at least
  2. Write up a month worth of Top Ten Tuesday Posts
  3. Get a couple of Tags written up for a rainy day!
  4. Have at least 30 scheduled posts at the end of this challenge

If you would like to join in all you have to do is sign up HERE



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