Weekly Wrap-up Sept 24th to 30th


Outside the Blog.

Worst week ever! Okay, let me explain it! One of my coworkers was on vacation until Wednesday which means we should have got a floater technician to cover her hours. Instead on Monday we had no one show up and found out that our request was canceled and we wouldn’t be getting any help at all for the week. Then on Tuesday, there was a huge storm and our power was knocked out for over 6 hours. Since we lost power we had to transfer all of our refrigerated medication out of our fridge to other pharmacies in the area so we wouldn’t lose all of the medications. Wednesday, I opened to 300 pending scripts! and a whole bunch of really angry customers. The rest of the week was better but we still had a lot of mean customers, a lot more than normal. Also because we were short I’m going to be working 9 days in a row. I’m so over it and out of energy!

On The Blog

Bi-weekly Wrap-up Sept. 9th to 23rd

Top Ten Tuesday: Books by favorite authors I still need to read

What I read


I had a hard time reading anything this week. I’m honestly surprised that I managed to read as much as I did.

What I Bought


Next Week TBR


How was your week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up Sept 24th to 30th

  1. I feel your pain – seriously. We had a hurricane here in North Carolina mid-September. We normally do about 200-250 scripts a day and right before we were doing 650 a day. I was working 10 hour days of exhaustion. Now it is all flu shots ( and pneumonia, shingrix, tdap, meningitis) all the time. Good lucjk! I hope you get some great reading. I’m on vacay starting tomorrow. YAY!! Anne – Books of My Heart

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    1. Right my pharmacy is about the same script count and now that power is up and running we don’t have time for anything other than vaccines. We’ve got a couple of flu clinics as well so the workque is going to be clogged for days. Yay for vacation hope you have fun and plenty time to rest and relax.


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