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Weekly Wrap-up October 15th to 21st

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*Yawn* Hey guys I’ve been gone(again) for the last week or so but I am back! I had a couple of coworkers who went on vacation so we had to compensate for their time off by working longer days. I just got off( for one day) from working 8 days in a row of 10 hour shifts. Let me tell you I am exhausted.

My reading was really slacking in the last week most of the books for the last week I actually finished on the last day of the week but I mean that counts I guess. Besides reading I have been working on my blog. I have a feature that I am trying to “relaunch” I’ll have that post coming soon. As well as working on some blog graphics which you can see some of them in this post thanks to my mother. Also for whatever reason I had this planned to post earlier this week but it some how failed. Oh well its here now!



This week the only books speaking to me was short and sweet. I had a horrible time focusing on anything other than working and sleeping last week so I am actually really surprised that I managed to read as much as I did. I’m hoping the next week will be better but since I’m writing this post on Tuesday I haven’t even started a book so we’ll see.


Top Ten Tuesday: Bookstores and Libraries I would like to visit

Asexual Books for Asexual Awareness Week


Blog Graphics: Blogging 101-  Simant has a great Blogging 101 series over on her blog this time around she shares with us why blog graphics are important.

Why I struggle with DNFing– Anna talked about how she has trouble DNFing books it was really an interesting read.

Arcs Guide– Mandy wrote one of the most detailed posts I’ve ever seen talking about Arcs.

How was your week?

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