Discovering Me

Discovering me: My new feature!


Hello, welcome to my new feature. I am so excited to talk to you about what this feature means and what you can expect from it. The first thing I really want to address is the fact that I started a “feature” a while back talking about DNA results you can see that post here. I decided to reinvent it after that post for many reasons but the biggest reason is I didn’t want to feel limited to talk about DNA and ancestry. Even though I love learning about DNA and bloodlines and things like that I don’t think that is all one person is so I decided to expand the focus on this series and incorporate other things that make me, well me.

I plan to talk about things like DNA(updated DNA results and new sites), personality traits( like Myers-Briggs), and more fun topics like My Hogwarts house. Things like what shapes me can be as serious as the nature versus nurture subject to as fun as a handwriting analysis.

I’m 23 and the major number one thing I know about myself is I don’t know anything! Okay, that is kind of bold but sorta true. Discovering your self is a huge concept and I wanted to take you guys with me on that journey. I feel like I am constantly learning about myself every day even if it isn’t the most mind-blowing thing every time. I am always excited to see what I learn about myself.


Some topics I want to talk about soon

  • Updated Ancestry results (they’ve changed their results)
  • My Myer Briggs results
  • Reread and in depth thoughts on one of my favorite books, Quiet by Susan Cain
  • Career Assessment test
  • Learning about my heritage
  • Discovering new interests and passions
  • Astrology Charts
  • and so forth!

I’m so excited to start this series with you guys and my first post under this feature will be up live on my blog in the next week.

5 thoughts on “Discovering me: My new feature!

    1. I’m not huge on rereading but this book has been on my mind a lot lately. I remember it was the first book I ever read that featured introversion in a positive light. I’m currently waiting for a physical copy to be delivered to me so I can highlight all of the sections!


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