Weekly Wrap-up Oct.29 to Nov.4th

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Another week bit the dust! This week we had a really busy week at work. Even more so than normal. I closed on Thursday this week and it was nonstop until we close normally we slow down to a snail’s pace around 7 to 8. It was really stressful! I worked this weekend and Saturday was a breeze and Sunday was pure craziness. I di get a really good night of sleep though since the time changed. I’m counting that as a win. Halloween was also a really great day. My grandmother turned 80 years old and we had family come down and she had a really great time.
I’m a little panicky about adulting this month though. It’s open enrolment for my insurance and I need to set up my 401k plan. I’ve never had to do either of these before so I am super nervous and unsure of what I need to do. Why don’t they teach you this kind of thing in school?



This week I didn’t finish a lot of books but I am in the middle of quite a few. I’m reading a lot of non-fiction this month so I feel like the end number for the month will be a good number even if my weekly wrap ups aren’t huge.


Discovering me: My new feature!

November Goals


My favorite part of my weekly wrap ups is sharing what I have been reading around the internet. This week I really focused on Bookstagram posts. One of my goals is to eventually join in on Instagram but I have been really nervous with the help of these posts I am so excited to give it a try sometime soon.

Sarah @ Commas and Ampersands has some great ideas in her behind the scenes post.

Joséphine @ Word Revel has a Bookstagram 101 series. Though I really enjoyed them all I really enjoyed her Embrace Ebooks post

Cait @ PaperFury has a whole bunch of posts about Bookstagram as well but I really liked her tutorial on photo manipulation.

Dana @ Dana and the Books posted an amazing how to edit photos post. My mind is blown! I had no idea how to use any of the settings in Photoshop so this was an amazing read

How was your week? Read anything great this week?

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