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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Merch I Need!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together

After a couple week hiatus from TTT I am back and this week’s prompt sounds amazing. I love looking at bookish merch even though I never really buy myself any. I’m hoping that making this post will help to be a friendly reminder that I deserve nice things too. I tend to spend my money on everyone else in my life and never really buy anything for myself so it was really fun to look at things with myself in mine.


I’m obsessed with everything in the Happy Pirania shop on etsy. I love the designs on his candles and I want so many of his designs but the one that I always go back to is the Sorting Candle. I love the concept and the 4 scents all sound like they would smell good so I don’t feel like I would be disappointed in the slightest.

The listing is here


I love the pin trend and I have been avoiding spending money on pins because I know once I start I won’t want to stop but I love these pins and I would love to start my collection with one of these. I have been following the shop these pins in for years, The creator is also a blogger and a new author and I love the chance to be able to support her any way I can. She has a lot of amazing things in her shop and I don’t even know where to start

The listing is here


I love making things! I have recently started to learn cross stitching and I would love to be able to make my own bookmarks. These patterns are really cute and working on these patterns while listening to an audiobook would make a great evening.

The link is here


 Alice in Wonderland Kindle Case

I’ve had my Kindle for years now. I think my Kindle is about 5 years old and it still works great. However my case has become really beat up and it’s not cute, I’ve been looking at designs to replace it and this case caught my eye. I especially like that it latches shut with my luck I would grab it upside down and drop my Kindle without a latch.

The link is here

Slytherin Eyeshadow- Draco Malfoy

Okay, this is a completely random find but I’ve always wanted to do a Slytherin look even before I really got into makeup. I’ve never seen a shade quite like this one though before. The only thing about this one is they don’t show the packaging. The price isn’t too bad though so it’s worth a try.

The link is here


Sherlock Holmes Book Box

I love the concept of book boxes but I’ve always been intimidated by the concept of not knowing what was the box. If I’m going to shell out money I want to know what I am receiving so I love this concept. The seller has other book boxes as well and they look like a lot of fun!

The link is here

Careful of Books Shirt

I love bookish clothing. This is one of my favorite bookish quotes and I really love the design of this shirt. It also comes in a variety of colors. I really like the steel blue color as well as the red color.

The link is here



Alice In Wonderland Mug


I almost bought this when I saw it! This mug is stunning! I love Alice in Wonderland and I might buy this mug after I finish writing this post. I mean I deserve a reward, right?

Here’s the link


 The Original #Currentlyreading bookmark

I’ve seen this bookmark around bookstagram probably a million times by now. I’ve always really liked the sleek design of it and I’ve wanted one for myself for ages now. I’ve never had a wooden bookmark before though so hopefully, I like the texture.

The link is here


Bam Pow Comic Book Earrings

I’m a huge comic book lover! I used to read them a lot more when I was younger but they always have a special place in my heart. Being able to express my love of comics in a simple way. I’m feeling really sentimental with the news of Stan Lee’s passing and my geeky heart wants to express herself.

The link is here


What bookish merch are your favorites right now?

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