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2019 A to Z Reading Challenge

My favorite time of the year is upon us! That’s right the time we make ambitious plans for the next year and decide to participate in different challenges! Last year I decided not to participate in any yearly challenges besides the Goodreads challenge and I really missed the thrill of the challenge so I decided to join in the 2019 A to Z Reading Challenge! I had a lot of fun following this challenge this year and I knew I wanted to participate in it for the next year if they decided to rehost it for 2019. This post will be the hub for this challenge and I plan to keep it updated as often as possible so make sure to stop back throughout 2019 to see what I’ve read.

This challenge is hosted by the Ginger Mom & The Kindle Quest!

Want to join in? Visit them here for more details.

A – Alpha

B – Briar

C – Crown of Desire

D – Dear White People

E – Electric Arches

F –  For Every One

G –  Gingerbread Wishes

H – Hell Sucks

I – If My Body Could Speak

J – Jinxing the Alphas

K –  Kindred

L – Love by the Books

M – Magic in her Harem

N – New Year, New We

O – Owning the Beast

P – Pink Slip

Q – Queen Takes King

R – Ryan’s Obsession

S – Spotted Her First

T – Tygress

U – Unbroken

V – Vicious

W – Wandering Star

X – Xavier: Bad Bear

Y – You’re Mine

Z – Zar


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