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Favorite Blog Posts of January 2019


Last year I started implementing in my weekly wraps a little section of some of my favorite blog posts that I had read that week but I had a hard time always coming up with a few each week. I’m not the most consistent at blog hopping so A monthly format seems like a more manageable approach so here’s the first installment!

Noura shared books she felt were perfect for Slytherins. My little Slytherin heart couldn’t agree more with the ones I’ve read and I am stoked to read more from this list soon check it out here!

There is an awesome Instagram Challenge for February hosted by a lovely group of people. I originally saw it over on Hâf’s blog. If you are looking for inspiration for #bookstagram (raises hand) it looks like it will be a lot of fun! You can check out the challenges here

Sav @Booked On a Feeling shared some of her most anticipated Manga releases of 2019. It’s a great resource of some amazing releases check it out here

Dora compares covers of books from Hungary with US/UK covers. I always love seeing the different covers from around the world check out the post here.

I’ve recently discovered Emily @ A Literary Life and I am obsessed with her reviews and I really want to read all of the books she has rated highly. The initial 2 reviews I saw are here and here.


There you have it! Some of the awesome blog posts from around the Blogosphere! I sadly didn’t get the opportunity to do a lot of blog reading this month. However what I did get to was amazing and I am so excited to share a little bit of that with you guys.

Until next time Arya


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