Reading Challenge · Wrap-up

Blackathon Wrap-up February 15th to 28th


The last 2 weeks of the month came and went so fast I feel like I missed it! My reading slowed down since the last wrap-up. One of my coworkers called in for the last week because of a family emergency and we were spread even thinner and had to work longer shifts to be able to get inventory done and I was just really exhausted.




Out of the books I read in the latter half of the month I really only enjoyed 3 of them. Those being Bingo Love, Falling for the Bodyguard and For Everyone. For Everone was a really good collection. I’ve already read the original Bingo Love but I picked up this edition so I could read the shorts involved and I am so excited to hear that there will be more stories following these characters.  Falling for the Bodyguard wasn’t my favorite thing but the romance was cute and I enjoyed reading it at the time.

Even though my reading slowed down towards the end of Blackathon I had a blast and discovered new authors that I am excited to read more from as well as had the chance to chat with new people who were also participating in this readathon. Thank you so much to the wonderful hosts and I am so excited to be able to participate in the next round of Blackathon!


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