My Spring TBR|#BEspring2019


Welcome to my response to day 5 of the Bookend Spring(even though its day 7)! Today we are talking Spring TBRS! This prompt was originally created by AJ @ For The Love of Diversity in Books.
However, hosting this day is Sam @ Fictionally Sam.

I’ve been trying out monthly TBRS this year and I have been doing okay but normally I make quarterly TBR better know as Seasonal TBRS. Spring means to me as a time to finally get outside and enjoy the nice weather so I tend to pick shorter books that I can enjoy while sitting out in the sun. Besides my OWLS TBR, I am drowning in my backlog! I do have some HUGE books on my Spring TBR though due to finally getting my holds I placed over 2 months ago.

Nice weather is usually when my classic reading finally picks up for months I’ve been saying I was going to make progress in my Classic Club project and I haven’t picked up a single one even though I am pumped to read some of my friends’ favorite books.

Besides the above books, I’m really excited to be able to take walks and hikes again. I love walking on my treadmill but I’ve been craving fresh air for weeks now! This means I can finally catch up on my audiobooks! If you haven’t heard of the Read Me Romance Podcast and you like romance audiobooks then you should for sure check it out! Anyways, I am really far behind and I want to change that as soon as possible.

What are your reading plans for Spring?


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