May TBR (2019)


It’s time again to make a plan for the month. This post is a little late due to me being sick and my last minute joining in a readathon.  May has a lot of amazing events associated with it including Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian Pacific Heritage Month. I always try to incorporate diverse reading in my month but I really want to make sure I read more books by Asian authors this month as well as books featuring mental health.

I also discovered The Sailormoonathon on twitter and I couldn’t pass it up and decided to join in. I’ll share all of the images below on the prompts but the readathon takes place from May 1st to May 20th. The readathon really low key and so far it has been really fun. We have a team chat and talking to everyone there and on twitter for this readathon. We also had the opportunity to rep one of our favorite Sailor Scout this round I get to rep Sailor Uranus!

Each team has a group book that they can read if they would like and for Team Uranus the book is A Blade So Black by L.L McKinney! This book has been on my TBR for months so I really excited to get the chance to read this for the readathon!


I’ve decided to not think ahead of time for all of the optional challenges! I tend to make really long and ambitious TBRs and not reading any of the books so I think I’m going to try to go with the flow besides reading my team book and hopefully, the group book “Beds Are For Flowers” I currently have a hold for the book at my library but I don’t know if I will receive it in time or not for the readathon.

I do have some books I want to read this month that are written by Asian authors including some of the books I have listed below! These books keep popping up being read by some of my friends and I am so excited to finally get to these.


Like I said earlier I’m taking it easy on planned reading I have some ARCs I would like to read and review as well so I’m going to focus on those as well as writing reviews since I haven’t written one in a really long time. So look out for some reviews in the next month or so. I’m working on getting a “reviewing voice” and posting reviews since I’m very intimidated by sharing my thoughts on books. Which is crazy since that is what this blog was originally suppose to be.

Also, look forward to some more blogging posts this month I have some already planned and this month should be a little more consistent than the last couple of months have been. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with my blog lately and I’m feeling much happier with blogging and my general health is much better than it has been in months! I am so excited to bring back some series like my Discovering Me and also exploring newer posts with you. So look out for some new content from me!.

What are you reading this month?

15 thoughts on “May TBR (2019)

  1. Great TBR! I haven’t read Aru Shah but I have heard so much about it and I hope you enjoy it!
    I also have ARCs I need to read – a lot of them actually.
    Happy Reading!

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  2. I loved all of Menon’s books, and Twinkle was a great read for me. Also really enjoyed Chao’s book. It was humorous, but had a lot of serious parts too. I hope you enjoy them all.

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  3. The cover of Amina’s voice is so pretty !! Goodluck for this readathon xx I wasn’t much a Sailor Moon child, but it’s a neat idea.

    Happy to hear your health is better and you’re happier with blogging

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