The Weekly Rewind: May 26th


Hey Guys!

Guess who’s back from Memphis! I had a blast in Memphis and it was such a needed vacation! I was hoping to be back home earlier than I was and write up this post on Sunday but I didn’t make it home until about midnight. Anyways I have tons of photos and stuff I want to talk about so look forward to a Memphis travel blog post in the next week or so. Besides my mini-vacation, I didn’t do much work wasn’t too bad and I bought Sims 4 so most of my free time was devoted to playing Sims. 

On to the books…..

I read

This week was a slower week for reading. I only read on the ride to Memphis and back home so not much was accomplished. I’m most excited to continue Stacy Jones’ series.

Currently Reading

I didn’t pick this up at all this week. For whatever reason, I didn’t reach for this even though I only have 15% left. I will finish it up this week though.

Added to the TBR

Posted this Week

101 Things in 1001 Days

The Library Lover’s Book Tag

The Weekly Rewind: May 19th

Weekly Goals

  1. post a new entry in the Discovering Me series
  2. Write up my Memphis post
  3. One reading day
  4. Post/draft Month Wrapup/TBR
  5. Setup Trello

That’s all for me this week! How was your week?

5 thoughts on “The Weekly Rewind: May 26th

  1. I had gone to Nashville for a convention a few years back, and so wanted to go to Memphis (I love the King). I cannot wait to read your travel post. I am excited about The Right Swipe and Fix Her Up. I hope we both end up loving those books .


  2. Oh- happy you enjoyed your vacation ! I have my first one with my boyfriend set for mid-july,as of which I assume i’d do the same as you – read on my way there and on my way home xD As we’ll visit his family and stuff, I’d doubt I could jam some reading time (unless I read on my phone while he drooze off, as I take WAY much more time than him to fall asleep – but if im reading paper im screwed)

    Goodluck for this week’s goals ! xx


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