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New Series: Arya Tries


Hey guys! I am so excited to share with you guys my new series!

Arya Tries is my take on a trend I’ve been seeing on Booktube. Basically, if you haven’t been watching Booktube (give it a try it is awesome) A lot of booktubers are making vlogs where they challenge themselves to read in a specific way for a week or even longer and I wanted to join in. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about I’m going to link a couple of  Kayla’s videos from Books and Lala. Following someone’s TBRReading her average daily pages for a month, and Books controlling what she eats for 24 hours.

There are tons more amazing videos out there doing similar challenges but Kayla was the first I saw doing this and I feel so inspired to try to do something similar on my blog. I’m too shy and awkward to make a vlog or a video but I do have this platform so I am really excited to try some of the ideas I have as well as some tried and true concepts on Booktube.

One of the things I want to try for myself is focusing on a genre or a trope and sharing my thoughts as I read through that theme. I tend not to read the same types of books back to back so I never really delve into the “meat” of a theme or really decide if I like them or not so I think it could be really fun to read a whole bunch of the same type of books back to back and share my thoughts. It could be a really fun experiment.

I also have some non-bookish challenges that I am interested in trying out as well that I will be sprinkling in throughout the series. These types of posts do take a lot longer to create so it is going to be a little while before the first one is posted since I’m just now setting the first one up but I am really excited about it and sharing with all of you my adventure.

Some of the topics I plan to cover include

  • Reading my average page count daily
  • listening to audiobooks exclusively for the month
  • Eating food from books I’ve read
  • Reading books in their original published language (not English)
  • Trope Studies
  • Exploring reading awards
  • Re-reading  childhood books
  • Following Celebrity book clubs

Right now I’m working on my first post in this series and I am really excited to share it with you guys. I have a general idea of how I want to do this challenge but it’s going to be a while before the post goes live since I’m just starting the first challenge now. I have a lot planned and I’m honestly so pumped to get this challenge going.



3 thoughts on “New Series: Arya Tries

    1. Thank you! I’m doing a different one that I didn’t list.
      I’m reading the first 5ish books that are recommended to me on Facebook. I know tons of book ads on my Facebook feed since I follow a ton of groups so I thought it would be interesting to give them a try.
      I got a bunch of interesting books!

      I’m excited to read my average page count daily but I want to start at a beginning of a month instead of in the middle.

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      1. Oh wow, that’s a really interesting one! I would love to try something like that, maybe I’ll use Instagram cuz I feel like that’s where most of my book recs are these days. This is really inspiring me, I’m thinking it would even be fun to do a different challenge every month for a year, but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself haha! Can’t wait to see what 5 books you got!


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