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Kindle Unlimited 2020 Reading Challenge

I’m back with another challenge sign up for 2020. Last year when I joined Kindle Unlimited I looked around for a challenge like this one but I wasn’t able to find one. However this year Tina @ As Told by Tina is hosting one and I am so excited!


  • The Challenge begins January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020
  • All Books read for this challenge MUST BE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!
  • All genres count and re-reading and crossovers are encouraged!
  • Books can be any length.


1-9 – Rookie Status
10-19 – Semi Pro Status
20-29 – Pro Status  <==== I’m shooting for this one!
30-39 – Veteran Status
40-49 – Expert Status
50-59 – Master Status
60+ Legend Status

I love reading on KU but I’m started this challenge by aiming low I read the majority of my books on KU though so I’m pretty confident that I’ll make it to this goal and shoot for a higher level later on.

There is also a bingo element with this challenge and I am so excited to see the board and get a bingo! Bingo is my favorite thing ever!

My List

  1. She’s the One by Ella Goode
  2. Amber by Mia Harlan
  3. Sext by Penny Wylder
  4. Finding Friday by Quell T. Fox
  5. Finding Callan by Quell T. Fox
  6. Sext Addict by Virna Depaul
  7. Fighting Fate by Anastasia Austin
  8. Marshmallow by Megan Wade
  9. Her Valentine Surprise by Ayla Asher
  10. Mouth to Mouth by Tessa Bailey
  11. Summer and Smoke by Coralee June
  12. A Call to Pride by Poppy Woods
  13. Assassin Society by BBB publishing
  14. Cave Alien by Loki Renaro
  15. Bound to the Monaarchs by Brooke Winters
  16. Love and LEad by Coralee June
  17. Sunshine and Bullets by Coralee June
  18. Hungry for Her Wolves Tara West
  19. Growling For My Mate by Shaw Hart
  20. Ride Hard by Jenila Snow
  21. Taming Demons for Beginners by Anette Marie
  22. Pinch of Sugar by Jessa Kane
  23. Fluff by Jenika Snow
  24. Greed by Katie May
  25. Envy by Katie May
  26. Nerdgasm by Kimberly Reese
  27. Her 2 Protectors by Jessa Kane
  28. Anonymous by BBB publishing
  29. A torn Paige by L. Rose
  30. A Lost Paige by L. Rose
  31. Shamrocked by Joely Sue Burkhart
  32. Death Dealers vol.1 by Emma Cole
  33. Death Dealers vol.2 by Emma Cole
  34. Wait with ME by Amy Daws
  35. Very Bad Wizards by C.M. Stunich
  36. According to Plan by Dee Lagasse
  37. You Guac My World by Frankie Love
  38. Muffin compares to you by Frankie Love
  39. Pizza my Heart by Frankie Love
  40. Return to Me by Lucy Darling
  41. Belong to Me by Lucy Darling
  42. King by Flora Madison
  43. Wanna Be Yours by Megan Hart
  44. Shutout by Marie Johnson
  45. Set by Alexandria House
  46. Don’t Go Bacon my Heart by Frankie Love
  47. You’re Waffle-y Cute by Frankie Love
  48. One in a Melon by Frankie Love
  49. The Farmer’s Daughter by Jessa Kane
  50. Made Pho you by Frankie Love
  51. The Loner’s Lady by Jessa Kane
  52. His Outlaw Valentine by Jessa Kane
  53. The Hitman’s Angel by Jessa Kane
  54. Marked by Jenika Snow
  55. Sweet Cheeks by Olivia T. Turner
  56. Lucky’s Charm by Mila Crawford
  57. B.I.L.F. by Frankie Love
  58. His Curvy Desire by Julie Scarlet
  59. First Love by Fiona Davenport
  60. Loving You by Hope Ford
  61. A Good Luck F *ck by Nicole Falls
  62. Hunting Isla by Grace Mcginty
  63. Study Break by Lucy Smoke
  64. Ace of Hearts by Ella Goode
  65. Sniper by Hope Ford
  66. Hunting their Bunny by Ryan Ramsay
  67. Blindly Indicted by Katie May
  68. Right on Time by Liz Fox
  69. Deep in You by Penny Wylder
  70. Reaper’s Pack by Rhea Watson
  71. Hunted by Mila Young
  72. The 25 Men of Christmas by Cassie James
  73. Blood Lust by Erin Trejo
  74. Little Birds by Hannah Lee Kidder
  75. King’s Castle by Ella Goode
  76. Hey Sweet Tea by Frankie Love
  77. Picture Perfect Obsession by C.M. Steele
  78. Coterie by BBB publishing
  79. Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon
  80. Ice Planet Honeymoon by Ruby Dixon
  81. Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons by Ava Mason
  82. Mad Girl by Karpov Kinrade
  83. Capturing Carmen by K.A. Knight
  84. Secretly Hers by Kori Hart
  85. A Twisted Secret by Beth Hendrix
  86. Immortal Ops by Mandy M. Roth
  87. My Butter Half by Frankie Love
  88. Mutual Beginnings by Stefanie Simpson
  89. A Lovely Obsession by Coralee June
  90. Tales of the Apocalypse by BBB Publishing
  91. Must Be Love by Tory Baker
  92. Gluttony by Katie May
  93. Bootyogomy by Frankie Love
  94. Her Mates by Isadore Hart
  95. Her Saviors by Isadore Hart
  96. Zeb by Brynn Hale
  97. Kidnapped ny Bigfoot by Shaw Hart
  98. Andar by Becca Colton
  99. Love’s Inferno by Corrina Lawson
  100. That Crazy Kind by Jenika Snow
  101. Dirty Letters by VI Keeland
  102. Accidental Hero by Nicole Snow
  103. Someone by Kendra Danielle
  104. A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter
  105. Resolutions by Lucy Eden
  106. Bear with Me by Lucy Eden
  107. Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend by Lucy Eden
  108. Restless Spirit by Briana Michaels
  109. A Serious Relation-Chip by Frankie Love
  110. His Azalea by Kelli Callahan
  111. His Cherry Blossom by Tracy Lorraine
  112. Whisper and the Roars by K.Webster
  113. His Magnolia by Dori Lavelle
  114. His Sun Drop by Dee Ellis
  115. A Lovely Obsession part 2 by Coralee June
  116. Mating My Mob by Amanda Cashure
  117. The Siren by Charlie Hart
  118. Lives Entwined by Eve Newton
  119. Queen Takes Camlet by Joely Sue Burkhart
  120. Princess Takes Unicorn by Joely Sue Burkhart
  121. Queen Takes Darkness by Joely Sue Burkhart
  122. Queen Takes Sunfires by Joely Sue Burkhart
  123. Queen Takes Jaguars by Joely Sue Burkhart
  124. His Tigress by Aliyah Burke
  125. Gypsy Blood by Kristy Cunning
  126. Darkness Between Us by N.J. Adel
  127. Amber: Deja Brew by Mia Harlan
  128. His Little Secret by Jessa Kane
  129. Beauty with a Bite by Lacey Carter Anderson
  130. Gypsy Freak by Kristy Cunning
  131. Drowning On Dry Land by Megan Hart
  132. Saphire by Eva Delaney
  133. Opal by Candace Wondrak
  134. Dragon Guardian of Land by Keira Blackwood
  135. Quarantine and Chill by Regina Wade
  136. Quarantine and Cash by Regina Wade
  137. Quarantine and Cowboy by Regina Wade
  138. Quarantine and Cuffs by Regina Wade
  139. Quarantine and Crime by Regina Wade
  140. Quarantine and Church by Regina Wade
  141. Shacking Up by Abby Knox

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