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Kindle Paperwhite Initial Thoughts & Review

I don’t often spend money on myself but after thinking on it for a really long time I decided to splurge a little and buy myself a new kindle product. When I purchased my Kindle it was on sale and I only spent $99 versus the normal $129 it was normally so I got it for a steal! I also got 3 months of free Kindle Unlimited which is awesome since I already pay for it every month anyways!

The shipping of my package was actually really fast. I decided to do basic shipping since I don’t have Amazon Prime. The suggested shipping was 5 to 7 business days and it showed up 5 days after I placed my order.

 I loved the way they packaged the Kindle and the cord it was really clever boxing. It was very easy to understand and I really thought it was super easy to get ready to start up.

The setup on the Paperwhite was a breeze! All you have to do is press the power button on the bottom of the Kindle and it starts right up! You pick your language, connect to Wi-fi, and register your account and your good to go! This took me about 5 minutes to get all setup and most of that time was trying to remember my Wi-Fi password!

This was my screen as soon as I was all set up! It’s different than what I was used to but its really straight forward and streamlined so I really like the way it looks!

I’ve been using my Kindle now for a couple of weeks now so I wanted to talk about some pros and cons


  • Battery Life is great! I’ve gone over a week without having to charge up! I read for hours daily so this is very impressive!
  • Great on my eyes! I read a lot and eye strain was a huge issue for me and I can read for a long time on here and never feel that strain that I was feeling when I was reading on my phone or Kindle Fire
  • Lightweight I love that this model is so light I don’t have any arm strain holding my Kindle up at all
  • Links directly to Goodreads! Just like in the app you can link what you read directly to Goodreads without opening the Goodreads app!
  • Waterproof I like to read in the tub sometimes and I don’t have a huge fear of ruining my Kindle. I haven’t dropped it in water, yet but I have spilled on it with no problems.


  • The power button is in an awkward place. I tend to hold my Kindle around the button and I frequently turn it off by accident. I’m getting better at not hitting this but I feel on the button should be on the top to avoid that problem.
  • Black and White only this is more of an issue if you read a lot of comics and enjoy the colors.
  • Slight delay if you are expecting the speed of a tablet you won’t find that here. At first, this is a little jarring after using a Fire tablet for so long this was the weirdest part for me. it’s not a problem once you get familiar with it!
  • Unable to use other reading apps. This is the biggest disappointment for me. I use other apps like Scribd and Libby and I can’t open them on here. I can send Libby books to my Kindle however but I still have to use my phone to read from Scribd and other sites.

I did a lot of research before buying this Kindle so I knew that I would really like it but I didn’t know that I would love it as much as I really do. Since purchasing I’ve been reading double the amount I was before. Also with all the stores and libraries closed around me the only books available to me are digital and this has been a huge help in keeping up with my reading!

I also bought a cheaper case! There were a ton of options available! I was really nervous to order a case since I was worried I might buy the wrong size but this one fit perfectly. I really loved this design and the seller had a huge selection, The images on Amazon looked like it would be darker than it was when I received it and I am so happy the colors are more vivid than the stock photos. It also has a magnetic closure, wake and sleep cycle, and is waterproof. I paid $11.99 for this case here’s the seller’s page.

That’s all for this post!

Have you purchased a Kindle before? What do you think of it?


7 thoughts on “Kindle Paperwhite Initial Thoughts & Review

  1. You know – I used to have a Kindle Paperwhite and I miss it. The Kindle fire is hard on the eyes and the battery does not hold its charge long. It’s nice to see all the covers and illustrations in color, but I much preferred reading on the Paperwhite.

    I might have to get one. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yours! You should check with your local library, as most of them lend out ebooks. 🙂


  2. I liked my paperwhite, but I will admit, when I got my Oasis (a gift from my daughter), I noticed how much more responsive it was. I still prefer a dedicated reader over a table, because it’s easier on the eyes. I only use my Fire, when I cannot get the book in mobi format. .


  3. Thank you so much for your review! I have ordered my kindle paperwhite and it is arriving today just in time to come on an 11 day hiking trip with me (I will really put the ‘lightweight’ part to the test! haha 🙂 )


    1. Yay! I’m glad you liked it! I’m loving the paperwhite! I think it is pretty light I’ve held it for hours without discomfort so it should be ok 🙂 plus I’ve found the battery last quite awhile I’ve gone over a week with one charge! I usually use for a couple hours per day so pretty impressed

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