Smutathon and Dewey Readathon Plans

Hello guys! I’ve been engrossed in coding lately and haven’t been reading. So, I thought why not jump back into reading by joining in with some of my favorite readathons, This weekend hosts not one but two of my favorite readathons!

Firstly is Dewey’s 24-hour readathon! Dewey’s is a classic and I love joining in whenever I can. The basic idea is to try to read as much as you can in a 24 hour period. What makes this special is the fact that we are all reading at the same time! For me, this readathon starts at 7 am. It’s a little early but I can make it work! Check them out here!

Secondly, Smutathon is doing a special weekend edition! Smutathon is a really relaxed readathon where you read as many smutty books as you want! There is an optional group read book but besides that, it is super relaxed and it starts at midnight on Saturday!

I have a ton of books that sound really interesting that I plan to pick from! So here are some of the books I’m most excited about this weekend. I have a whole bunch of other books on my TBR as well and knowing me I know I will probably sprinkle in other books depending on how I feel.

The Smutty

I picked up some books that everyone was talking about including the Katee Robert books. I’ve got an RH (Reverse Harem) with 25 guys! I had to pick it up when I heard the size. This is the biggest harem I’ve heard of so I’m excited to see if it ends up being good! I seem to be leaning towards dark this round so I might have to sprinkle in some lighter books this weekend!

The Not

I’ve got a couple of other books to sprinkle in if I need a little variety. I’ve got a short story collection from one of my favorite YouTubers, the latest poetry collection from Lovelace and a vampire mystery?

I’m so excited to get reading! Are you participating in one of these readathons? What are you reading?


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