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Hello, friends!✨

It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and written a blog post with everything happening right now in the world I really lost my motivation to blog. On top of that, I had a little vacation from working. I start a new job tomorrow, Monday and I have been spending a lot of time working on things around the house. So this was really the first time that I really felt the quarantine since I’ve been working pretty much everyday. So what  better time than now to do the Stuck at Home Book Tag😉

Let’s dive right in!

The Stuck at Home Book Tag rules…

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1. What are you currently reading?

I actually haven’t been reading a lot lately. However, I just picked up the first book in the Slice series and I am really enjoying it so far. It’s a really short read and Teagan Hunter is an author that I really enjoy so I might binge read this series if it’s as good as her other series.

2. What’s your favorite “can’t leave the house” activity?

Aside from reading, I’m going to have to go with coding! I’ve always wanted to learn how to code and make projects. Until recently I thought you could only work in the computer field if you had a degree but I was pleasantly surprised that you could get into the field being self-taught. Right now I am spending time make websites with HTML and CSS which is a lot of fun. I’m hoping to learn Javascript soon as well but there is so much you can do with just the first 2 that I am having a lot of fun.

3. A book you’ve been meaning to read for forever:

Ok, I referenced my Goodreads TBR for this one and the book that has been on my TBR the longest is Poison Study! I’m actually really surprised that this has been on my TBR since 2013! I’ve heard amazing things about this series and the plus side of waiting this long to read this series means I can binge read it and the spin-off series if I really like this first book.

4. An intimidating book on your TBR:

29774026. sy475

So my library has recently let us check out books again, through curbside pickup, and I decided to check out the largest books from my TBR. Of course, this behemoth was the first book to come in and I am so intimidated by it! It has a ton of elements that I love in books so I’m sure that it will be worth the wait but the weight and size of this book is shocking!

5. Top 3 priority books on your TBR:

1. A Final Paige (Hidden Kingdom Trilogy Book 3) by Lila Rose

2. Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

3. Whispers and Roars by K. Webster

These 3 books have been checked out on my Kindle Unlimited the longest so I really need to get cracking with them. One is supposed to be really dark, one is a slow burn romance, and the last one is the last book in a trilogy. All sound really good and I’m really excited to read them all.

6. Recommend a short book:

I’m going to recommend The Way to a Man’s Heart series by Frankie Love. These are really lite, punny, insta-love books. I loved reading these books and so far there are 10 of them out. These are really great quick fun reads if you just want to escape from a hard day or just want a good laugh. The picture above is the first in this series. All of the books follow a new couple and you can read them in any order but reading them in publishing order adds a little bit extra since you do see all of the characters again.

7. Recommend a long book:

I don’t read a lot of longer books most of the books I read are between 300 to 400 pages but I did find a longer book that I read last year. The 13 1/2 lived of Captain Bluebear and I loved every moment of it! This book is really whimsical and fun and even though it was over 700 pages I read this in no time and it didn’t feel long at all. I honestly couldn’t stop comparing this to Dr. Seuss while I read it!

A bluebear has twenty-seven lives. I shall recount thirteen and a half of them in this book but keep quiet about the rest.
A bear must have his secrets, after all; they make him seem attractive and mysterious.

8. Something you’d love to do while stuck at home:

I would love to completely clean out everything in my room. I rearranged my room so it has a different layout but I didn’t deep clean everything. I would love to clean out my clothing, and everything else in my room. I still have a lot of things from school in my room and I haven’t been in school for 7 years so I really need to make time for that. I might make a small goal each week to try to accomplish since I am still working each week.

9. What do you plan on reading next?

I think I’m going to pick up A Final Paige finally! I procrastinate last books in series so much because I worry about how they are going to wrap up but I am really excited about this one so hopefully it lives up to my expectations

Tag…you’re it!

If this sounds like a tag you’re interested in then consider yourself tagged!


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