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My May and June Reading Rewind


Hello Guys! It’s about halfway through July and I just remembered that I haven’t shared any of the books I’ve read in the last couple of months. Since this post is for May and June there are a lot of books here. I’m hoping in the future to get caught up so I can go back to doing weekly updates in which I can go more into detail of each book instead of flying through them.

Normally, I tend to do more stats like pages read and the number of books but honestly I didn’t want to spend extra time this round going over every book so feel free to scroll through all of the books I read in the last two months and under this I will share a little bit of some of my favorites I’ve read in the last couple of months!

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~My Favorites~

Pet is my favorite book I’ve read this year so far and honestly, it is going to be really hard for any book to top this book! If you haven’t picked this up you really should. It has Black, Tran, Polyam, and selective mute rep! A quick rundown of the plot: Jam lives in a world where all the “monsters” have removed. A utopia where the children don’t even know what a monster is. However, their town might not be what they thought and monsters may still live amongst them!

Whispers and the ROARS was a really interesting read everyone who read this before I told me to go in blind and I really recommend that. There are a huge amount of triggers in this book and is very dark. The author does have a trigger warning at the beginning of the book so please read that before starting this book if you want a fair warning. I did guess the big reveal awhile before I was supposed to but I really appreciate all of the setups it was brilliant. I can’t speak much more about my favorite element but I really hope to find someone who is Own Voice or an expert in the subject to see if the rep is well done. If you like dark I really recommend this one.

 A Lovely Obsession is actually the sequel to a book I read over a year ago. In all honestly, it felt like it was the 2nd half of the first book which is why the author actually bound them together. This one takes place years after the first one and the characters have really changed and they are a really messy not perfect couple. This series is dark, one of the mains is killer and honestly, the couple is messy and broken and it was so good and heartbreaking.  This is in the same world as The Bullets series and Nyx’s is next and I am so excited.

Mad Girl was a random find and apparently, I am really obsessed with dark fiction this year because this book also includes some dark shit. So all of the characters are in a paranormal prison most for very bad and serious crimes and some not. They do a lot of dark things to keep the balance in this book. It was a really interesting read with a lot of room to make into a series. Not saying that this book didn’t have a good ending (I liked how it ended) but I really want more of the characters and I would be really interested in seeing where the rest of this story would go if there was more. This is an RH as well which is always a big plus for me!

Ice Planet Barbarians! I heard a lot about this series as a person who tends not to read alien books I was worried I wouldn’t like this but I did really enjoy them. I read this one and the 1.5 book that follows the same couple and honestly, I really want to read the next book as soon as I have time to binge read some in this series since I know I’m going to want to read more of this series once I start reading the next one. If you have ever been interested in alien romance before this is a really good book to start with.


I read a lot of really good books in the last two months and I just picked a few to talk with you about here but I read so many other amazing books like Dirty Letters which I gave 5 stars to and it was a really great author/musician romance with agoraphobia rep and The newest Amanda Loveless poetry collection which was also really good. I could go on and on but this post is already really long.

So that’s all the books I read in May and June. Feel free to ask about any of the books you see above if you’re curious to know my thought on them I would love to talk about any of them with you!


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