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My Reading Rush TBR

My Reading Rush TBR

The Reading Rush starts tomorrow!

If you don’t know about the Reading Rush it’s a really awesome readathon that takes place July 20th to July 26th. The Reading Rush originally started as the Booktubeathon years ago and I’ve always participated since the initial year. I love this readathon because it is a great way to connect the book community. The Reading Rush was born last year as a way to be more inclusive to other book community members who aren’t Booktubers. If you want to learn more about this readathon click on the link above which will take you to their website.


I’m very excited to get started at midnight so I thought I should come up with a TBR. I’m going for the classic 7 books in 7 days so I should probably decide on my TBR now. This is the first time I ever looked at the reading challenges so I’m interested in seeing what I can fit into my TBR.


Read a Book With a Cover That Matches the Colour of Your Birth Stone

My birth month is July so my birthstone is Ruby. My birthday is actually after this readathon so it’s a perfect time for a readathon. Anyways on to the books. I have a ton of books on my TBR that have red covers so this was an easy one.

I just got this book from my library so I am really excited to get this one started. I’ve not read any of Caitlin Doughty’s books yet so I am really excited to try this one out. I also have another of her books on hold but it hasn’t come in yet. This just sounds like a really interesting way to learn more about death and what happens to your body especially excited to see what some of the younger fans of Doughty wanted to know.

Read a Book That Starts With the Word “The”

I feel like I’m going to regret this but I really want to read this book! I’ve been on the hold list for this book for months so I am really itching to read this book and even though it’s about 500 pages I think I can still finish this one this week though since most of the books on my TBR are not that long.

I’ve heard amazing things about this book and I know that I love Erin’s writing so I am really excited to jump into this one as soon as I can.

Read a Book That Inspired a Movie You’ve Already Seen

So I don’t watch a lot of movies so this was a really challenging one for me. If I do watch a movie it’s because someone else wanted to watch it. So most of the movies I’ve seen are older or something someone else wanted to watch so not typically something I would like to read.

So I was kind of stuck on reading a Stephen King book or an original fairytale. Since those are the only things that are interesting to me right now. However, I decided to go with The Blue Fairy Book. Since this collection is the inspiration for a lot of the classic Disney movies. I really love reading original fairytales and having a collection of short stories is helpful to break up the longer books on my TBR.

Read the First Book You Touch

For this one, I decided to scroll through my currently checked out list on Kindle Unlimited and read whatever my hand landed on and I picked Gypsy Freak by Kristy Cunning this is the 2nd book in the All the Pretty Monsters series.

Kristy actually pulled all of her books recently which is really sad but I still want to read all of her books. So before she took them down I checked them all out so I could read them. This series is interesting. I’m liking unraveling the story with our main character it is really interesting coming so late in a running plot and trying to piece it all together. I believe this is a Reverse Harem but so far nothing has happened for me to be sure.

Read a Book Completely Outside of Your House

I feel like this is a really timely prompt. I feel like I could cheat a little with this one since I spend half my day at my Grandma’s house but I think I’m going to take this literally and try to read a book outside as much as I can. I think an audiobook would be perfect for this challenge.

As I mentioned above I’m trying to read all of Kristy Cunning books. This one was already pulled before Kristy announced she was pulling all of her books and I was really sad since this was the series I was most excited about so I was so excited to see that the audiobooks were still available so I’ve been listening to this series on Scribd for the last two weeks. I was in Scribd jail or I would already be done with this series since I am really enjoying it.

Read a Book In a Genre You’ve Always Wanted to Read More of

Alright, there are a lot of genres that I don’t read a lot of that I want to get better at reading but what I am really feeling right now is the Mystery/Crime/Thriller genres. I actually just finished my first read in this genre in years so I want to keep that momentum going by diving into another this week as well.

Ever since this one came out it has caught my attention. I love books that don’t follow a traditional novelization format. So the fact that this book features different elements like interviews and transcripts is really appealing to me. I’ve also heard really good things so I’m excited to finally get reading this one.

Read a Book That Takes Place On a Different Continent Than Where You Live

I really wanted to focus on reading a book not set in England so I decided to pick up a book set in Japan and it also happens to be a sequel to a book that I really enjoyed so I am happy to be finally reading the next book in this series after such a long time. I’m always nervous that I won’t like the next in a series but I’ve heard amazing things about the rest of this series so I am really excited to continue with this series.


Alright, I’m feeling a little bit better about joining in on the Reading Rush now that I have a stack of books to go through. I did decide to calculate the pages and it a little over 2,200 pages so I need to read about 320 pages per day and I feel like that is doable especially since I can’t really go anywhere besides work right now. I am so excited to get started with my reading but I’m even more excited to see the vlogs, posts, and interactions this is one of my favorite readathons because of how many people participate and getting to really feel like the blogging community is in this together.


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