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My August TBR

My Reading Rush TBR (1)

Hello! I’m back with a TBR! I haven’t done a monthly TBR in over a year but I am so excited to bring it back this month with a little bit of a different format. In the past, I would make these huge TBRs trying to plan my whole month and that just doesn’t work for me so I decided to pick 5 books each month that I will try to read during the month. I plan to have a post later this week explaining my criteria. When it goes live I’ll link it here.

So let’s jump right into it!


Read a Classic

I decided to let myself off easy for this first round of books. Peter Pan is one of those classics I’ve always wanted to read and it is way past time to finally read the original. I also want to do a compare and contrast to other versions I’ve read based on this book.

Continue a Series

This is book 3 in the All the Pretty Monsters Series. Kristy Cummings announced last month that she was pulling all of her books from retailers and I managed to snatch all of her books up on KU before she pulled the (literally hours) so I am making my way through this series. This is basically a gypsy girl story moving to a town to discover how her mother died she finds out the town isn’t what she thought and meets some very interesting monsters.

Diverse/Inclusive Book

I’m picking this book for a few reasons! Number one is this is the book of the month pick for the POCK Book club and I’vee been wanting to read it so I am really excited to get to read this with friends. I am also really excited because I love Talia Hibbert all of the books I read by her I’ve loved so I am so excited for this. This has Own Voice rep for Chronic Illness and Black rep.

Intimidating Read

Alright, this month I decided to read Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James this book is really intimidating to me for a lot of reasons. It’s a genre I don’t typically read, long, and I’ve heard a lot of mixed thoughts on this one. I am interested to see how I feel about this as a whole. I do have another book by this author on my TBR as well so I am hoping I atleast like the writing so I can pick up his other book

Already on my TBR

This book has been sitting on my TBR because it was originally just Audible original. So I was so excited to see that an ebook version has come out and I already have this checked out from my library and I can’t wait to sit down sometime soon and read this. This will also be my first Alyssa Cole read so I am really excited!

Since this is the first month of my new TBRs I decided to go pretty easy on myself and read books that I am really excited to get to. I’m pretty excited to try this out and I’m hoping that this TBR format will help my remember my goals for the year and to be more conscious of what I am reading


4 thoughts on “My August TBR

  1. I feel like that with Black Leopard Red Wolf too. It interests me as it is a fantasy but on reading the first couple of pages, it reads like literary fiction and I don’t read much of that at all.


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