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My July Reading Rewind


July is finally over! July was a good month for me it was my second month at my new job and I feel like I am finally feeling comfortable in my new routine. It’s really weird to have a job that has a consistent schedule and being able to plan my life actually around it is really nice. When social distancing is finally over I think I will appreciate it even more especially when I’m able to go to more places and feel comfortable but for now, just having weekends off is really great.

I’m really excited to finally be caught up with my reading wrap-ups. I’ve been wanting to get back to weekly wrap-ups again. I really like them and I can go more into detail on what I read that week versus in these types of posts. I still plan to have a monthly wrap up but it will be different and I will be including my reading and my favorite posts and other content for the month as well. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now so I am so excited to finally get the chance to bring back some different content.



This month I read 29 books! I had a little variety this month and actually listened to a couple of audiobooks which was a nice change of pace. I also tried a couple out of my comfort zone reads and it was really interesting.

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~My Favorites~

This month I had four favorites!

  • My Lovely Wife was one of the first Thrillers I’ve read in a really long time and I really liked it. The ending was a little rushed for me but the rest was really interesting. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I read a Thriller and but I was really obsessed with this as I was reading it and I want to spend more time reading Thrillers in the future.
  • Four Psychos was an audiobook for me. Kristy Cunning recently posted that she was taking all of her books down and was done being an author so I snatched them all up before she took them down. Sadly before she posted she took down the Four Psychos series but the audiobooks are still available. So I’ve been listening to this series when I can. Scribd however only lets me listen to 2 a month. This is an RH between a ghost girl and 4 men and it is really good!
  • Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? was really interesting nonfiction I’ve been wanting to read Caitlin’s books for a really long time and this one was the only one available from my library right now so I picked this one up. I really like Caitlin’s writing I think she has a way with words that really helps make this subject more approachable. She left me wanting to learn more and I’m really interested in picking up more by her.
  • Gypsy Blood is another series by Kristy Cunnings. This one I was able to snatch up on KU before it was taken down and in July I read the first 2 books. in this series. I really think this series is interesting as a reader you are really in the dark with the main character. However, everyone else has answers to the questions so it makes you want to continue reading to figure it all out. In this series your kind of coming in towards the middle-end of a story versus the beginning if that makes sense. If you’ve read Locke & Key it’s kind of like that where the main characters are unaware of the plot already set in motion by other characters. It’s very interesting so far!


That’s all from me today! July was a good reading month and fingers crossed that August will be an even better one!


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