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Rapid Fire Book Tag


We are back with another book tag! I love reading and doing book tags I feel like they are great ways to learn about other readers and today I am doing the Rapid Fire Book Tag! This tag has been around for a really long time so I am really happy to finally get to it!


E-Book Or Physical Book?

In the last couple of years, I would have to say I’ve become a huge E-book reader. I think I read about 90% on my Kindle anymore. With there current situation this is especially true since my other source for books was my library and I haven’t been able to go to one with my work schedule in a really long time.

Paperback Or Hardback?

Hardback all the way! I like to carry books with me and I think hardbacks are less likely to be damaged. Yes, they are bulky but I think they hold up better long term. I do tend to read more paperbacks though since they are more accessible.

Online Or In-Store Book Shopping?

I don’t really buy books often but when I do I pick them up at thrift stores or garage sales. So I guess I like physical stores but I love a good deal so I could grow to love online book shopping. I have had Kindle Unlimited for about 2 years now so my buying is almost nonexistent right now.

Trilogies Or Series?

I don’t lean towards either to be fair. I think as long as a story is planned out it can be whatever length it needs to be. Be it a standalone or a 20 book series. If I had to pick one I would go with Trilogies because I have a series commitment problem and I’m more likely to finish a Trilogy compared to a large series.

Heroes Or Villains?

Villains! Their drive and motivation are fascinating and learning about how they ended up as villains in the first place is usually really fun. I am always more interested in reading books where the characters are marked as dark, morally grey, or anti-heroes they tend to be more well rounded as characters as well.

A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

My go-to for this question is always Quiet by Susan Cain. This book was so important to me as an introvert trying to find my place in a world that is so loud and crowd motivated. It’s great to learn more about yourself as an introvert and I think even better for our extroverted counterparts to understand the people around them.

Recommend An Underrated Author?

Julie Sue Burkhart is one of my favorite authors! She’s really well known in the Reverse Harem community because of her Queen Takes series, However, she has been an author for a really long time and has other books out there outside of reverse harem if that isn’t your thing. I find her writing and stories are really well thought out and I always am left wanting to read another one of her books!

The Last Book You Finished?

Remember how I said I liked dark characters? This book is full of them. This was a really quick read about revenge and left off with a cliffhanger so I immediately started the next book in the series. I don’t know what I’m going to do if the next ends in a cliffhanger as well since the 3rd isn’t out yet!

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used As A Bookmark?

My phone or Kindle! I often set my phone down in my book when I need to step away. Honestly, I think it’s smart since I’m not going to leave the house without my phone and my current read so I might as well leave them in the same place.

Used Books: Yes Or No?

Yes, I don’t mind a preowned book. The only thing I don’t like it when the book is to damaged to read. I don’t mind cracked spines or dog ears but they need to be readable and smell free.

Top Three Favourite Genres?

Romance, Paranormal, and Contemporary fiction. These categories work really well together and separately which I really love!

Borrow Or Buy?

Borrow! I didn’t grow up in a family that had a lot of money so buying things like books was never really a thing I could do so I’m most comfortable borrowing books. However, I would love to start collecting some of my favorite books in the future. One of my dreams is to have a fully stocked library in my home.

Character Or Plot?

This is a hard one I feel like a great book has to have both but if I had to pick one I would have to say plot. If the plot is good enough I can ignore not having the strongest characters. When a plot is lacking though it doesn’t feel like it is complete.

Long Or Short Books?

Short? My ideal book is in the middle I say around 300 to 400 pages is the perfect length for me. This is also dependant on the book though. I’ve read books with 1000 pages and felt like they ended to quick and books with less than 200 that dragged on and on.

Name The First Three Books You Think Of


Quiet, Loveless, and Rage

Books That Make You Laugh Or Cry?

I read as an escape so I would prefer to laugh. After a hard day at work, I love to unwind with a book and crying isn’t what I always want to do.

Our World Or Fictional?

Ours with a hint of extra magical! I like the familiarity of our world with a layer of magic or something unusual. I love to see how people adapt our world to fit their story and characters.

Audiobooks: Yes Or No?

Yesss? I just started to get into audiobooks so I’m still at the stage where I’m trying to fit them into my life. Even at 2x speed, I’m finding that I like to read a physical copy when I can but they are nice when that isn’t an option.

Do You Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Of course, I always have initial thoughts because of a cover but I never let a cover decide if I read a book or not! Some of my favorite books have not great covers and that’s ok. I do read a lot of my books now from word of mouth without seeing the cover first. Some of them have covers my eyes would have just glanced past on a normal day.

Book To Movie Or Book To TV?

I don’t watch adaptions! If I did I would watch a TV show though. I feel like you would get a larger chance to have all of the scenes that were in the book as well as a chance to expand on the characters and the world.

A Movie Or TV Show That You Preferred To The Book?

The Color Purple is the only one that I can think of. I think I loved it so much because I watched it first versus reading the book.

Series Or Standalones?

Standalones! I mentioned above that I suck at finishing series so standalones are great for me. However, sometimes letting a character go is really hard so sometimes I would say series are better but it’s hard to keep interested in a series at least for me.


When I decided to start this post at 10 pm on a Thursday night I didn’t think it would be this long! This is actually one of the longest posts that I’ve written in a really long time. So kudos to you if you managed to make it all the way through this post!

If you haven’t done this tag and would like to consider yourself tagged!


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