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The Weekly Rewind: August 8th


Hey Guys!

I am so excited to bring back one of my favorites features to my blog and that’s my weekly rewind! For this post, I am sharing everything so far for the month so I’m adding just an extra day. Normally this post is from Sunday to Saturday and goes live on the next Sunday. For my weekly wrap-ups, I get to go into detail what I’ve been reading and other bits and bobs for the week. I still plan to do monthly rewinds but they will have more stats and info than my weekly rewind. Since I’m trying this out again features will be moving back and forth from my weekly and monthly posts until I find the perfect format for me.

On to the books…..

I read

  • Shacking up was an interesting read. This takes place during jury duty which was a unique plot that I’ve never seen before. This was an age gap romance with an older rancher and a younger free spirit vegan girl. I thought it was cute and even though it was short there was a lot more plot than I thought would be packed in this less than 200-page book. However, the ending of this book was lacking for me. It was rushed and the author introduced characters in the last 10 pages that were horrible people to the main h and I don’t understand that point other than possibly trying to do a companion book in the future featuring said characters. Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)
  • Rage and Hate are books 1 and 2 in the Her Monsters series and I enjoyed the first book in the series a lot more than the 2nd book. I will probably pick up future books in this series because I still found it a decent world and I’m curious to see where the rest of the story is going. The basic plot of this book is our main character Dawn is murdered by her husband and she comes back to life for revenge and gets a lot more than she was expecting including mates and a mystery. I was drawn to this series because I was told that Dawn and her men are not traditional in the sense that they are all dark and twisted in their own way and they are.
    Book 1 Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2) Book 2 Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)
  • Two Kingdoms is the 3rd book in the Dark Side series and I am really enjoying this series! The main premise of this series is our main character wakes up as a ghost and is drawn to 4 guys who live together.  There bond spans centuries and none of them no why but the devil is the key to their answers. I do find elements of this book confusing but I believe it is attentional so I’m not to mad at it! I’m very excited to jump into the last book soon!Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)Untitled design (2)

Currently Reading


I’m 67% through this book right now and I am really enjoying it! I’ve wanted to read the Coloured Fairy books for a really long time and I was told to start with the blue one because a lot of the stories I’m familiar with will be in here and they were right there are a lot of familiar stories in this on including Beauty and the Beast, Rumpistelskin, Cinderella, and Aladdin where in here and so many more.

Up Next

I haven’t  even touched any of my August TBR books I am going to focus on making my way through some of them in the coming week. I really need to start making progress in my biggest book and I know that Alyssa Cole’s book will be a quick read so I’ll use it to break up this chunky book.

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That’s all for me this week! How was your week?

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