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Classic Club Spin #24 – The Results!

Today the results for the 24th Classic Club Spin were announced and I was excited to share what I will be reading for the next couple of months!

If you’ve never heard of this challenge basically you make a list of 20 classics that you’ve been meaning to read and a number is randomly picked and for the set amount of time you try to read that book this round is a long one and ends  30th September 2020. So we have a really long time to read this one.

Number 18 on my list was …….

Of course of all the books on my list, I ended up with the largest book. Even though this is one of the longest books on My Classic TBR I am so excited about this one. Ever since I read the Odyssey years ago I knew I wanted to pick this one. I also have quite a few retellings on my TBR so I need to get to this one before I can read those so I’m happy to get to this one sooner rather than later!

A very basic description of the book if you are not familiar with the title.

‘The Iliad’ by Homer is the epic poem that gives some background to the legend of Achilles and the last few weeks of the ten-year battle between the Greeks and Trojans. Revenge and meddling gods weave through this epic of a seemingly endless war.


I’m really excited to do a different type of review while reading this one. I’ve seen the “100” thought while reading reviews so I think I’m going to try that for classics since the general plot is well known so I don’t have to worry about spoilers like in other book reviews. I’m so excited to finally get to this one I need to finish up some other books before I can dedicate myself to this but I am stoked to finally read this one!


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