Weekly Rewind: August 15th


Hey Guys!

This week hasn’t been the greatest for me. I have kept up with posting every day this month so far but on a mental health view its been rough. We had a big storm that knocked out the power for a couple days here and we had quite a bit of damage. I’ve also only had today off from work since we lost the power my job made it mandatory to work on Saturday so I’m really exhausted and not looking forward to heading back to work tomorrow.

Also my WordPress updated to the block format and I hate it! I can’t figure out how to do any of the things I want to do and it’s really frustrating!

On to the books…..

I read

  • The Blue Fairy Book— I finally finished this after a month reading it and I did enjoy the experience. A lot of the stories were good. When you have a collection like this your bound to have some that don’t work for you and there were some that just wasn’t the best. My favorites are ones I already knew about.
  • The A.I Who Loved Me—was my first Alyssa Cole and I liked it the writing was really great but I felt like I needed more and that we didn’t get a full resolution. The next book in this world I believe will follow a different character so I don’t know if my questions will be answered.
  • House Boy of the Future was a quick Femdom novella with little plot and it wasn’t that great. I would of loved for it to be more fleshed out. I love books where characters come from different worlds or experiences and have to learn to understand each other and this wasn’t that.It was just a quick smutty femdom.
  • Ruth’s Bonded was more my speed like I mentioned above I love books that two people come together and have to learn to understand each other. Ruth is human and Gron is an alien and they don’t understand each other but they had a really good connection. There is more in this series but I don’t think I will continue I got all I needed from this one.
  • Elements of Mischief is the first in in the Hijinks Harem series and I didn’t love it. I felt really frustrated with how much the characters are keeping our main in the dark and honestly manipulating her from the start. The humor is good and I am curious to see how the story ends so I will continue it especially after hearing that it gets better the further you go in the series.

Currently Reading

I’m about 75% through this one as I’m writing this post and I am loving it! I’ve read a lot of Talia’s books in the past and I forgot how amazing her books are I didn’t want to put this one down to write this post.

Up Next

I’m currently reading the 2nd book on my August TBR but I’m almost done so I need to pick up another book probably tonight. I should start one of my more intimidating books like my classic for the month our my large book for the month so I will at least start one of those tonight but I also want to read the other Talia Hibbert book I have checked that is due in the next couple of days.

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That’s all for me this week! How was your week?

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