Youtube Recommendations #1

Hello! I am so excited to start this new series in which I am sharing with you guys all of the channels I watch on YouTube! Some of them will have themes like booktubers or makeup or something like that but today I really just want to list some of the ones I’ve been binge watching lately.

Sophie Louise

Sophie Louise is one of my favorite makeup/lifestyle youtubers. The main reason I love her is because she isn’t a “professional” makeup artist she’s just having fun and I love that. She does a lot of trying product videos like Instagram Ads, trying the cheapest products from a store(or highest), and following trying trends in the beauty community.
Besides the above topics I think my favorite type of videos she does is her Advent Calendar videos. In these she opens advent calendars and tries to make a look out of the kit. It’s really fun and we get to see a look into all of the advent calendars for the year.

Alexa Poletti

I’ve been watching Alexa for years! Alexa is so much fun to watch she has so much energy and she makes me happy! Alexa does a lot of fashion and makeup videos. Her style is really cool and she is very bold in her style. She really love Kawaii clothing as well as really edgy clothing too. My favorite videos of hers are her Style Walkthroughs where she talks through how she makes up an outfit.
Besides her fashion videos Alexa makes makeup and cosplay videos too! She is very crafty and you can really tell how much fun she is having with her style and making content. I love to save her videos and bingewatch them all in one go!

Alex at Pretty Pastel Please is one of my favorite channels to bingewatch! I’ve been really lucky to of found Alex right hen she started on Youtube and it is so cool to see her channel change and grow. The video above is a new thing she has been doing and I really love seeing her and Tasha take a look at different sizing trends and appearances.
A lot of her videos are hauls or try ons but hse also does makeup and wear tests and more. Honestly, Alex isn’t afraid to try something new and I love that! You might see her buy makeup one week the next a a haul, the next trying food. She’s got a awesome friend group which are also often in her videos and some have their own channels too.
I feel like it’s a crime not to mention Archie who is her bird and is in most of her videos! Archie is loud and sometimes distracting so if that’s something that would bother you then sadly Alex’s channel might not be for you.

Annika has so many amazing videos that I had trouble picking one to start with but I think this is a good one! Those you can’t go wrong at any of her videos. Annika makes mostly sewing/craft videos and they are so amazing. She is also really big on upcycling and reducing waste which is amazing. So she has a lot of scrap design ideas. I always feel so inspired after watching her videos! She has a series called Make, Thrift Buy here she tries to recreate expensive products on a low budget. Also she recently made a series where she made her own wedding dress that was amazing for sure reccomend!

That’s all for this round of Youtube reccomends! I’m so excited to share more people I watch in the future. I’m thinking of doing a couple of booktuber ones next but I’m not sure yet what will come next.

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