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YouTube Recommendations #2 -Let’s talk Art!

As I was writing up this post I realized how many Youtubers I really follow and realized that I could literally share some every day for months and not run out of people to share so that is really exciting (and scary).

I’ve been really loving watching art videos lately so I thought I would share a few channels that I’ve been watching lately. There are so many so watch out for a part two coming later!

First up is Zeke’s Lunchbox a Australian artist. Her art is gorgeous and my favorite videos are her Tarot Card Project. I shared the playlist if you’d like to check it out.

I love Leilani Joy I’ve been watching her videos for about 6 years I believe. What I really love besides the art of course is that she shares different steps including her inspiration and how they influence the piece she is working on. I learn so much from her videos and they make me think about art in a different way.

Katnip is one of my favorite art vlog channels! Her Studio Vlogs are some of my favorite videos to watch on Youtube! I find them really relaxing and her artstyle is adorable. There are I believe almost 100 videos in this series so plenty to bingewatch!

Kattvalk is one of my favorite channels that does a lot of challenge or mystery art supplies videos. It’s always really exciting to see what she can come up with and how her art turns out.

Last but not least is Drawing with Waffles! I think Waffles has the most followers out of everyone in this post with over 2 million followers! Her ideas are really amazing and I love to see what she comes up with one of my favorites is the above video where she lets Pinterest control what she draws!

That’s all today some of my favorite artsy Youtube channels to follow! I love to follow art channels so if you have a favorite please share it below!

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