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Weekly Rewind: August 22nd


Hey Guys!

This week I did a lot of things besides reading. I spent a lot of time working on my mental health and trying to relax and I feeling better and more like myself. I’ve even been getting back into planning my blog posts and I’m back in the reading mood which is why this post is later than normal I’ve been reading all day and having a really good time.

On to the books…..

I read

This week was all about Talia Hibbert! Which was so much fun every book I’ve ever read from her has been amazing and these were absolutely amazing! I really just want to binge read all of her books but I know I need to pace myself and read other things so I am going to give myself a little bit of time before picking up another of her books. Both of these got 5 stars from me!

Currently Reading

I am currently reading this book and I ripped myself away from it even though it was so hard to so I could write this post! I’ve got one more chapter left I believe. If you’ve never read a Zapata book before they are very slow burn romances and they tend to be really long but I love every moment of this one.

Up Next

I’ve already started this one but I am making this my focus for the next few days! I still have 3 books from original TBR so I really need to set down sometime to finally read them and stop picking up every random book I find.

Latest Posts!

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That’s all for me this week! How was your week?

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