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5 Podcast I’m obsessed with!

Since I started my new job I have been able to do things differently one of the things that I love about my job is the ability to listen to music and more recently I discovered podcasts. I do spend most of the time at work on outbound calls but in between I have been listening to podcasts. Currently I don’t have a audiobook program so podcasts have taken place of an audiobook for me at work.

Critical Role is my current obsession I’ve been listening at work and picking up where I left off when I get home. I started with the 2nd campaign with the hope to someday catch up and be able to watch live on Thursdays. However, I will go back and watch the first campaign once I’m caught up. I think I am a about 15 episodes in and at 2 to 4.5 hours its not bad for a month.

Lore is another podcast that I love. I’ve actually read 2/3 books that have been published based off of this podcast and I love this Aaron Mahnke is a great storyteller that draws you in and makes you want to binge listen or read his stories. If your a fan of creepy true stories he’s your guy.

For whatever reason Sporify starts on the 6th story but I love Read Me Romance I have been listening to this podcast since it was launched and it is a really unique premise. Each week another story is shared for the first time before it even comes out in print.

Another hugely popular podcast is Ted Talk but I really love that you can have a good springing board on a lot of topics that I can then learn more on. I love the chance to learn and explore topics that aren’t always what I reach for. I love that this podcast makes me think.

Recently I decided to listen to Rhett and Link’s podcast for the first time. I used to love watching their videos and sometimes I manage to to catch a few here and their. I’ve been meaning to get to their podcast and I finally have. I’ve been jumping between what sounds good which is fun instead of having to listen to every podcast like a lot of others I’ve seen.

I’m very new to listening to podcasts and I’m having a lot of fun exploring and finding things to listen to once I get more caught with the ones I’m listening to. I have a bunch of DnD campaigns but not a lot of other things that I can check out so if you listen to any podcasts I would love recommendations!

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