September TBR

Welcome back today it is time for my September TBR! I had a really good month last month following the TBR I set! This month I am doing things a little different and I won’t be sharing a ton of books. I have a project that I will hopefully get to sum up at the end of September.


The Iliad is my Classic Club pick for the latest spin I haven’t actually started this one yet. I loved the Odyssey so much when I originally read at it back in high school. I’ve had this one on my TBR ever since.

I only have the last book left of the Dark Side series so I think I’m goingto try to finish of the series this month. I’m also going to continue in the All the Pretty Monster series with book number 4.

The major secret from the main character is finally out and pretty much everyone is on a “even” playing field right now and shit is about to go down!

This is one of the RH’s that is always recommended to me. A lot of people also say that the main character is funny like Paca from the Dark Side and after I finish that series I know that I would love to read something else with a humorous subplot.

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