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Monthly Rewind: August 2020

August was a good month! I did a project where I posted every day for the month and it was amazing and a lot easier than I thought. I am actually going to make a whole post about it later in September where I go into detail of how it went. I’m going to try to continue that for now.

This month I also brought back my weekly rewinds and my monthly rewind. So the format might change since I’m not 100% how I want to format this post. I think it’s going to be more stat heavy and sharing more of a general update.

My Month in Reading

The Weekly Rewind: August 8th| Weekly Rewind: August 15th|Weekly Rewind: August 22nd|Weekly Rewind: August 30th

If you’d like to here my thoughts on every book I read this month check out each week where I share my initial thoughts for every book this month.

My Favorites

This month I had 3 books that were 5 Stars! I loved all 3 of these and 100% recommend them if you’ve never read them before! Of if you have!

The Stats!

I read 14 books!

which equals 4,200 pages

This is a big jump from last month where I read I believe under 3,000 pages.

I’m really happy to bring back one of my favorite parts of this post. I love being able to share and promote other bloggers so this is my opportunity to share some of the posts that I loved in the month.


Sayb shared a Body Talk Review – Edited by Kelly Jensen

Northern Plunder shared how to format a book review with the WordPress Block Editor

Amy talked about Othello in her Shakespeare Saturday series

Shealea is hosting a Spring Cleaning in September event


I haven’t been watching a lot of T.V lately besides things like Maury and the 90 Day Fiance shows. I’m caught up on all of the 90 Day spin offs including Darcey and Stacey’s new show.

I’ve mostly been watching Critical Role, which I have been talking about a lot on my blog lately. I’m on the 17th episode and at 2 to 4 hours each I’ve spent a lot of time being obsessed with this show. I totally recommend it by the way! If your a critter I would love to talk with you about the show! 16/106 episodes so far!

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