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October TBR

Hello Friends! It’s finally spooky season! That means it’s perfect weather to get all snuggled up under a blanket and read your heart out. Also watching all the horror movies cause me not to sleep so even more reading time!

I do think my reading is going to suffer this month because I am taking on Milwordy and I really want to hit it hard for the first month. Find out more about the challenge here! I still need to post my September wrap up which I feel like is going to be pretty big since I made it my goal to read as much as I can but that’s another post.

For October I am going to try to read at least one book that fits the vibes for the season and that book is Dracula.

I try to read a classic horror book every October and this year I am going to be reading Dracula!

I’ve also got a couple creative writing books out from my library! I’m try to incorporate more nonfiction in my reading again and I though writing and creativity books would be a great place to start since I am try to be more involved with my creative process.

Now on to my favorite part of my TBR the fiction! I have a ton that I want to read this month but I just want to highlight some of the books I am really excited about so here are some that I can’t wait to read!

I haven’t been reading a lot of YA recently so I really want to get back to them this month and some of the books I have been waiting for finally came in!

Maureen’s mystery series sounds really good. I don’t know how many are in the series as a whole but I know that we have at least 3 out now so I could binge read these if they are as good as everyone says they are. I am really excited for this series!

We finally got the next book in the Teen Titan series! The Titans are my favorite hero group with Robin (Dick Grayson) as my all time favorite superhero so I have been waiting to get my hands on BB’s story. We already have the 3rd book announced and I can’t wait for Raven and Garfield to meet!

Lastly on my TBR I have Sadie. I’ve been interested in this book since it came out and I’m really interested in seeing how adding a podcast element to the story will play out I have not ever read a book with that element so I am curious to see how it goes.

I feel like this month will be mostly dedicated to writing but with these amazing books on my TBR I will for sure be making time in my schedule to get some reading in!

What books are you reading in October?

8 thoughts on “October TBR

  1. Good luck with your challenge and your writing, and I hope your books turn out great when you get to reading them. Truly Devious is amazing, and I am curious about Beast Boy.

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