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Festive This Or That

I originally saw this post over at Misty’s Book Space and knew I wanted to fill this out. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year so I love getting a chance to fill out little festive posts like this. This post originally came from Grace’s blog so if you liked this post for sure go over to her original post and give her some love.

Real Tree or Artificial:

I’ve always had an artificial tree. We have a house full of animals and the artificial tree barely makes it through Christmas without getting knocked over by the pets. I would love to try a real tree once I move out but I am also not a fan of the cleanup so it will probably only be a one time thing. I do love the smell of a natural tree though,

Hot Chocolate or Eggnog:

I’ve never tried Eggnog before but I plan to try it this year. I’m also not a big hot chocolate fan but I recently tried salted caramel hot chocolate and really enjoyed it. I’ve been making hot chocolate bombs with my little sister though and it has been really fun to experiment with different flavor combinations. Her fav has been the basic milk chocolate and Caramel is my favorite.

Snow or W/O Snow:

I think snow can really make Christmas feel like Christmas. I grew up with snow and I personally love it. So far we haven’t had any snow this year which sucks but at least I don’t have to shovel the sidewalk yet. Last year I was working from home for winter so I’m not looking forward to driving in the snow if we get any this year.

Love Actually or The Holiday:

I’ve never heard of either of these movies before. We usually watch classic children movies for the holidays.

Elf or Home Alone:

Home Alone all the way! I’ve never seen Elf all the way through but nothing can beat the classic Home Alone movies. I also just watched the new one and it was not very good at all 😦

Mariah Carey or Michael Buble:

I’m not a fan of either of them but I did grow up listening to Mariah Carey so I guess her. I prefer older Christmas music from people like Gene Autry and country singers remind me of home.

Movie or Boardgames:

I love board games and would love if my family would play more games with me besides like Monopoly and Life. So I guess we are more of a movie family.

Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake:

I’ve never had either but I’m interested in trying them. I don’t think these are as popular in the States as in the European countries. We usually have fruit pies for Christmas like Apple and Cherry. Apple is my favorite.

Angel or Star topper:

Star topper all the way!

Snowmen or Reindeer:

Reindeer because they are so under appreciated for most of the year. It might also because Jack Frost (the movie) makes me sad while Reindeers make me happy!

That’s all today! If you decide to do this tag as well please tag me so I can check out your answers.

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